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How To Install Mods In Minecraft For Windows

This guide will show you how to install mods in Minecraft. The process is fairly simple if you are in any way familiar with using a PC. This guide will show you how to install mods in Minecraft for Windows using the Minecraft Forge addon. So here is what you need to do to get mods installed in Minecraft.

Install Minecraft Forge

I have created a separate post about this since it has a few steps to it. Click here for the guide on how to install Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.11.2 . This guide will get you through the setup process of getting Minecraft Forge installed on a Windows PC.

Put Mods Into Mods Folder

There is a hidden folder where all of the Mods for Minecraft are stored. Open up a new file window and enter the following into the bar that contains the folder “%appdata%\.minecraft\“. Press enter and this will bring you to the folder where all of the Minecraft data is stored. You will see a folder here called “mods”, this is where the mods for Minecraft will be stored.

Minecraft Mods
Minecraft Mods

Take all of the .jar files that you have downloaded from any sites that host Minecraft mods and put them into this mods folder. Once you have them all copied over, load the game up. Click the mods button on the main menu to see the mods that have been installed.

Installed Minecraft Mods
Installed Minecraft Mods

Errors Loading Mods

You are going to eventually hit some issues loading up mods. There can be various reasons for them failing and the game itself does a good job at reporting why they failed. In some cases the mod might be unstable and cause the game to crash. If this happens you will need to remove all mods from the folder and slowly add one at a time to figure out which mod was the bad one.

Mod Loading Error
Mod Loading Error

If you do get some mod errors, you will see a screen like the one above. Follow the instructions on how to resolve the issues and reload the game to make them go away.

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