Minecraft Giant Mushroom House

How To Build A Giant Mushroom House In Minecraft

Ever get sick of building the same old stone or wood villages that everyone makes? Why not make a village out of mushroom houses? Here’s how to create a giant mushroom house in Minecraft.

Start by digging a hole that is 5×5 and then in the center, dig another hole that is 1 block deep and dump a bucket of water into it. This bucket of water is required for some reason.

minecraft giant mushroom house 1

Go to the hole in the center that you have filled with water and place a single mushroom inside. The red mushrooms look much nicer so I would use this mushroom instead of any other ones. Placing the mushroom into the hole will get rid of the water, if there is no water in the hole, you will not be able to place the mushroom into the hole.

The next step requires you to have some bone meal. If you don’t have any then you will need to kill some skeleton archers and collect the bones that they drop. You can use the bones to make bone meal. Once you have some bone meal, go to the hole with the mushroom inside and use the bone meal on the mushroom. This will cause the mushroom to grow into a giant mushroom. It may take a few tries to make it grow.

Sometimes when you do this you might get hurt or trapped by the mushroom. Try looking around before breaking your way out as you cannot regrow broken parts of the mushroom.

minecfraft giant mushroom house 2

Once you have a giant mushroom you can start carving out parts of it to make it look more like a house. Inside there will be enough room for a bed and a few other bits that you will need.

minecfraft giant mushroom house 3


Here is a video on how to create the same mushroom house.

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