Minecraft Gold Farm

Minecraft Gold Farm

Materials needed to build gold farm in the overworld: Obsidion Flint and steel Trapdoors Water bucket Signs Method: Step 1. Make a room that has a 2-high wall around it. On each end, put down buckets of water going across. Where the water meets in the middle, dig down by 1 and put signs going … Continue reading Minecraft Gold Farm

String and Cactus Farm

Minecraft Spider Farm

Materials needed to build a string/cactus farm in Minecraft Buckets of water Torches Sand Cactus Hoppers Step 1 When you find a spider spawner, put torches all around it so that spiders don’t spawn. Then clear out a 9×9 room around it, so dig out 4 on either side. Then dig down and up by … Continue reading String and Cactus Farm

Automated Sugarcane Farm Using Minecarts

Automated Sugarcane Farm

Sugarcane isn’t something that you will have much use for until you finally need it, at this point you will need far more than you had ever prepared to need. Making a quick and simple farm like this could save you a lot of trouble in the future when the day eventually comes that you … Continue reading Automated Sugarcane Farm Using Minecarts