Awesome Minecraft Origin Story Thats Dark But Makes Sense

For most of us who play Minecraft, we give very little thought about the origin of the planet and how everything came to be. This is quite odd if you think about it considering humans have been asking the same question about our own planet for quite some time. Fortunately there are some people out there who have thought about this, one of which has made us a very interesting video explaining the origins of the Minecraft world.

Although this theory has a bit of a dark side to it, the idea is actually quite cool and definitely adds a new level of depth to the game if it were true (which we highly doubt ever will be!). Check out the video below, or the FAQ for the full story on this dark alternative origin story for planet Minecraft.

For those who don’t like videos or just want to get to the point the video creator has kindly given us a FAQ

Q: Sun’s don’t turn into black dwarfs until after they explode. Wouldn’t this wipe out all life? A: Indeed it would. However it’s entirely possible for life to arise AFTER the explosion. In this case, intelligent life would have millions or billions of years to respond to this threat.

Q: Doesn’t the moon having phases negate your “second planet” theory? A: No. It’s always roughly opposite the sun. There can be slight variations in orbit that affect its lighting.

Q: Wouldn’t the gravity of the sun crush anything in its atmosphere? A: Conventionally, yes. But we’re assuming that a civilization has the technology to store energy and ignite their home planet, so it stands to reason that they would have the technology to negate that gravity. Maybe that’s why there is a huge void under the bedrock.

Q: You can’t just blow up a planet and turn it into a sun. A: That’s not a question. Anyways, this society had millions of years to adapt to a fading sun. This would likely lead to a plethora of creative ways to store and utilize energy, and I’m sure that given a million years to figure it out, they would come up with a solution. Maybe they ignited the atmosphere. Maybe they stripped the crust and exposed the core. Maybe they pulled energy from another dimension. A dying star gives you a long time to figure things out.

Q: How do you transport an entire planet’s worth of “stone, dirt, and life” A: Again, this isn’t a fast process. Multiple trips over a few million years gives you enough time to get things done.

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