Minecraft Seed Not Working, Try These Steps

It is frustrating as hell when you load up the world for a new Minecraft seed only to find it isn’t what the guide said it was. Sometimes this can be down to the source of the guide and other times it can be down to the game. There are a few things you can do to try and get the seed to work if it is something you really want to play. There are some methods of troubleshooting world seeds.

Check the seed ID

This is of course the most obvious and even though you may have checked over it 5 times already, it seems to be a very common occurrence that a seed not working is down to the seed not being entered correctly.

Check the game version

It is great in some ways that Minecraft gets so many updates. We get lots of cool features and bugs get fixed. The downside, which mod users of the Java edition know all too well is that things stop working. Just like updates can break mods, they can also break seeds.

I encourage everyone who publishes a seed to this site, to try be specific with the version of Minecraft that the current seed has been tested with. This way we have a way of knowing for sure that the seed has definitely worked with one version of the game. If an update has broken it, we can at least know which versions id did work with and when it broke.

If the seed you are looking at is not supported for the version of the game you are running, there is often nothing you can do. Sometimes people may find a very similar alternative, but in most cases that seed is considered dead and will not work unless you downgrade to the older version.

Mods are installed

This will only be important to those playing the PC version of Minecraft. There are mods which alter world generation. These alterations will change where things/ if things spawn. If you are using the correct version of the game, but things are not working, check for mods.

Check the comments

The post author may have made a typo with the seed name or some other issue might have happened with the original guide. Check the comments below to see if someone else has found a work around to the issue. The community is your friend. Sometimes it might just be the spawn point that has changed. The world could be the same. All you need are new coordinates.

Check the world generation settings

For the console versions there are lots of variables. The PS3 and Xbox 360 only support “classic” world sizes. These worlds a considerably smaller than those used for seeds on PS4 and Xbox One. The newer consoles support classic world seeds but you need to specify it. If a seed has