Man Divorced for Spending all Partner’s Gil at Gold Saucer

A woman has recently filed for divorce after a man spent all their joint funds at the Gold Saucer. Michael Runecrystal allegedly used their entire balance of gil for his own greed and pleasure while his partner was sound asleep next to him. His wife, Alice Greywolf, was left oblivious to the atrocious act for several days. It was only when the couple next logged on to play Final Fantasy 7 together that Michael confessed.

“We started playing Final Fantasy 7 together because Michael couldn’t wait for the remake. He also talked constantly about how the original would be a better game anyway. He really never shut up about it. I believed him, and we started playing together, following the story and taking turns in battles. It was going well at first,” said Alice.

That all changed one night when Michael couldn’t resist the temptation of the Wonder Square. He had been left alone to grind out some EXP and earn some gil for the coming chapters of the game. His partner had fallen asleep, trusting that he wouldn’t advance the story or take any drastic actions.

“I often fell asleep before Michael. I mean, I have a job. I can’t really stay up until 4 a.m. beating on Tonberries,” said Alice.

What happened next was shocking. According to the in-game timer, Michael spent 10 hours on the game, but rather than leveling up he headed straight to the Gold Saucer — the in-game casino where the super-rich go for entertainment. By the time he went to bed, Michael had spent 1.4 million gil and had nothing to show for it.

“He stayed up all night doing nothing but [gaming]. Not a single level up, not a single AP point, nothing. He…had his fortune told and played stupid grab games for gil. I actually can’t believe it. It’s not easy to get rich in real life, but it’s even harder to get rich in Final Fantasy. We’re broke. I’m broke.”

Speaking of the divorce, Alice said: “What upsets me the most is the fact that he completely broke my trust. I was sleeping right next to him. There must be a hole in his heart that I can’t fill. I just don’t understand it. All I know is I can never trust him again. I filed for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behavior. What was even the point of mastering that All materia?”

It’s not the first time that divorce has happened over gaming. The numbers suggest that 15% of divorces now come about as the result of men making more love to their PlayStations than they do to their wives, though usually the games that cause the problems are not aging classics from the 1990s. World of Warcraft is one of the main culprits.

We contacted Michael to try to get his side of the story, but he refused to comment. A previous interview reveals that he seems to show very little regret. “I don’t see the problem. Gil is never an issue, and we had another All nearly mastered and ready to sell. Alice basically doesn’t understand the game properly. Anyway, I like betting on the chocobos. It makes me feel alive.”

Alice is said to have started a separate game file and is now enjoying a more sustainable FF7 lifestyle. Meanwhile, Michael has turned down any help offered. He refuses to accept that he has a gaming problem.

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