Locations Of All Far Cry Primal Easter Eggs

Far Cry Primal Easter Egg

Far Cry Primal is host to a large amount of cool easter eggs which is music to the ears easter egg hunters. Here is a list of all of the Far Cry Primal Easter Eggs.

The first easter egg is the Blood Dragon from the Far Cry DLC of the same name. The easter egg can be found inside a cave on the upper side of the games map where you can see the dinosaur inside of the cave with the signature neon glow.

With Far Cry being developed under Ubisoft, they can get away with some references to games in other series.  This is a reference to the Leap of Faith from Assassin’s Creed. As mentioned in the video, this offers more proof that all Ubisoft games are in the same game universe.

One of the less cool easter eggs, but the Ubisoft logo can be found inside a cave that is quite difficult to navigate to.

A Flintstones easter egg is quite expected considering this is a game set in the prehistoric times. The easter egg is a reference to the the car from Flintstones.

Stonehenge is a giant stone monument located in the UK, which is built in pre historic times. The easter egg is more like a brand new version of Stonehenge as this is of course set back when Stonehenge was the latest architectural wonder.

The final easter egg is the Assassins creed logo. This goes well together with the fact that there is a Leap of Faith easter egg already present in the game.

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