Leaked NX Controller Looks Completely Unusable

We had some leaks a few weeks back that looked as though they may be designs for the NX controller. Today we have gotten some real life pictures of the thing. First impressions, this thing looks cool, but after thinking logically, this leaked NX controller looks like one of the most awkward controllers I have ever seen.

Leaked NX Controller 2

The above image looks pretty cool at first. It looks about the size of a PS Vita, but no buttons, all screen! We have never seen anything like this and it’s pretty futuristic looking. The problem with things that break out and look futuristic is that they are unusable. Who remembers the boomerang controller for the PS3? That looked seriously cool, but turns out it was “not ergonomic”. My hands are in pain just looking at this controller.

Looking at the size and the fact that the entire face of the device is a screen, we can assume that the best way to hold this will be to have your thumbs on the sticks with your index fingers wrapped around the outer rim to touch, what look like trigger buttons. The edges are very extreme, and come to quite a point. Imagine how painful it is going to be on the bones of your fingers to have this thing sticking into your hands for extended periods of time. It is a really cool shape, but lets be realistic, we don’t want something like this.

Pyramid tablet

My next issue with this is the size. This will be fine for children, but if your hands are in any way large, this thing is going to be so hard to hold. The palms of my hands are most definitely not going to be able to wrap around the steep curve. I’m sure people will be able to host this just fine for short periods of time, but come on, i don’t want to buy a console to have to stop for a break every 30 minutes while i nurse my crippled hands.

Time will tell how this one plays out, but for now these Leaked NX controller designs look to me like one of the biggest mistakes Nintendo have ever made with hardware design.


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