Leaked NX Controller Confirmed As Being Fake

Last week we got a lot of exciting news in the form of a leaked controller from the rumored upcoming Nintendo NX controller. The controller looked very much real and any analysis performed on the picture proved that it was not a fake, well at least not a photoshopped fake. Sadly the good news on this only lasted so long as we have gotten confirmation that the leaked controller was nothing but a fake.

How do we know it was a fake you say? Well the guy who created the fake has gone and released a video showing the controller in his hands and he explains in detail how he made the fake and gives us a lot more information about it. As annoying as it is to have been fooled like this, the guy deserves some major credit for coming up with such a good fake and actually being able to fool the entire world into thinking its real.

The video was posted up on Youtube and can be found below. Sorry, to break the bad news, but on a good side. The thing looked completely unusable. At least now there is still hope that the actual controller for the NX is going to be something that is a little more user friendly.

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