Kings Rude Edition: A Fun Twist on a Classic Drinking Game

Kings kinky Edition

Get ready for Kings Rude Edition, a fun, flirty version of the classic drinking card game! Looking to add a sprinkle of spice to your next get-together? Gather your friends, prepare your favorite drinks, and break out a deck of cards to play Kings Rude Edition.

Setting up the game is simple:

  1. Have a group of friends who’re excited for a good time.
  2. Grab a deck of cards and spread them face down around a central drink.
  3. Make sure everyone’s okay with the slightly naughty rules before you start!

Game Rules

Here’s how to play:

  1. Pick a Card – Any Card!: Each player takes turns drawing a card without peeking first. Each card has its own rule.
  2. Down the Hatch!: Depending on the card drawn, you must follow the rule for that card from the list below.

Rules for Each Card

Let’s break down what each card means:

  • Ace: The player who drew the card initiates a game of “I have never.” They state something they have never done before, and anyone who has done that thing must take a drink. If the confession is sexy, everyone who has done it must also reveal a sexy secret about themselves.
  • Two: The player picks another person to take a drink with them. They must also exchange a compliment about the other person’s looks.
  • Three: The drawer takes a drink themselves, then chooses someone to give them a playful, flirtatious nickname for the rest of the game.
  • Four: The player chooses someone to do a ‘four-second’ sexy lap dance. If they refuse, they drink.
  • Five: High-five someone and compliment them on their sex appeal. The one who reacts last drinks.
  • Six: The player gives someone else a 6-second massage, the person giving the massage can choose what body part. Failure or refusal results in a drink.
  • Seven: The drawer chooses someone to flirt with for 7 minutes straight. If they break character, they drink.
  • Eight: The player pairs up with someone of their choice for the rest of the game. They drink together and do the tasks together.
  • Nine: The drawer starts a rhyme, and everyone else must add on. The first person who fails to add rhyme drinks and has to use a sexy pickup line on another player.
  • Ten: Everyone drinks, and the drawer starts a 10-second group hug. The last one to join the hug drinks again.
  • Jack: The drawer becomes the “make-out Jack.” Any time they make eye contact with someone, they have to give them a peck on the cheek. If they forget, they drink.
  • Queen: The player becomes the “flirt queen.” They can command any other player to flirt with someone else at any point. If the commanded player refuses, they drink.
  • King: The player pours a shot into the center cup and makes a rule that lasts for the rest of the game. This rule should be something spicy – like “You must talk in a seductive voice” or “Everyone must remove an article of clothing.” Whoever draws the fourth king must drink the center cup and perform a dare chosen by all other players.

Playing Kings Rude Edition Responsibly

Remember to:

  1. Ensure everyone’s comfortable with the rules.
  2. Encourage responsible drinking. It’s about having fun, not drinking too much.
  3. Offer non-alcoholic options for those who don’t drink alcohol.

Kings Kinky Edition adds a saucy spin to the classic card game, with a dash of daring and lots of laughs. Your party promises to be a memorable one! So, invite your outgoing friends, shuffle that deck, get out those drinks, and let the games begin!

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