Kastenlauf: An Energy-Packed German Drinking Game


Kastenlauf, or “beer crate running,” is an incredible drinking game that merges physical endurance, team spirit, and thirst-quenching in a unique fashion. Originating from Germany, this game has participants partnering up in a quest to finish a crate of beer as they cover a pre-set distance. It’s a refreshing way to stimulate friendly rivalry and bond with fellow players while keeping the energy high.

Setting Up the Game

To organize a thrilling game of Kastenlauf, gather the following essentials:

  1. A crate of beer for each team, typically holding 20 bottles.
  2. A designated outdoor path or area that serves as your racecourse.
  3. Optional: Distinctive team outfits or badges and a finish line banner for an energetic atmosphere.

With the people, beer crate, and route ready, it’s time to spearhead a dynamic game of Kastenlauf.

Game Rules

Kastenlauf blends a relay race with a drinking challenge, ensuring an engaging gameplay experience. Here are the key rules to kickstart this energetic game:

  1. Form teams of two or more players. Each team selects a crate of beer.
  2. Teams line up at the starting point with their crate.
  3. At the signal, all teams commence the race, carrying their beer crate with them.
  4. Team members alternate between running and drinking. The objective is to empty the beer crate by the time they reach the finish line.
  5. If a team finishes their crate before reaching the finish line, they must carry the empty crate for the rest of the course.
  6. The winning team is the one that successfully empties its crate and crosses the finish line first.

Exciting Variations and Custom Rules

For a more amusing Kastenlauf experience, consider these inventive adaptations:

  1. Obstacle Kastenlauf: Incorporate obstacles along the route for an added level of complexity.
  2. Night-time Kastenlauf: Execute the race during the night. Equip each team with a torch, adding an adventurous twist.
  3. Costume Kastenlauf: Every team takes part in a designated theme costume, enhancing camaraderie and entertainment.

Tips for Playing Kastenlauf

  1. Maintain Balance: The key to Kastenlauf is balancing your drinking pace with your running speed.
  2. Teamwork Matters: Good communication and effective teamwork can make all the difference in this game.
  3. Drink Responsibly: Always ensure everyone in your group is comfortable with the drinking requirement and can handle their alcohol well.

Kastenlauf is an exciting German drinking game that promises an adrenaline rush, joyful spirits, and a sense of camaraderie among players. It’s a perfect choice for outdoor gatherings, beach parties, or any event where space, enthusiasm, and beer are plentiful. Remember to promote responsible drinking, adapt the rules to suit your group’s comfort level, and ensure the game upholds fun, fairness, and safety. So tie those laces, chill those beers, and get ready for a rambunctious adventure with Kastenlauf!

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