Japan Really Loves The PS Vita!

There has always been a big love for handheld consoles in Japan. Nintendo have been dominating this market for very many years with almost no competition until Sony released the PSP which was met with good success, but never near the levels of a Nintendo handheld. For most of us in the west, the Vita isn’t something that people talk about too often. Some people love it and others couldn’t care less. Well it looks like the Japanese don’t feel the same as the PS Vita appears to be massive over there.

I stumbled across this gallery on Imgur that shows the massive amount of floor space the Vita is given in a game store over in Japan. I had no idea the Vita even had this much content to put on shelves never mind it actually being popular enough to be allocated the same. It’s quite clear that the Vita is a hell of a lot more popular over in Japan than it is anywhere else in the world. As someone who has and loves the Vita, i can see why it’s popular. It makes more sense to see a scene like this than the barren tumbleweed filled isle that contains a dozen or so overpriced vita games that we have in Ireland.

Check out the gallery below to see the crazy amount of content that is on sale for the Vita in Japan.


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