Jak 3 3D Review

The game starts out with a cut scene which looks reasonably good. The image is nice and sharp and there is plenty if depth and the animation is smooth. Once you start you will get a few more cut scenes that also look quite good, but then the game play comes. Just like before the game has muddy sub HD visuals with no anti aliasing. The lack of anti aliasing is as much of a problem as it was with Jak 2 in that it doesn’t exist. The game is plagues with jaggies and as usual jaggies don’t work in 3D so when there is a jaggy line on a building in the distance the line appears as though it is at the front of the screen and the rest of the building is away in the distance. The depth itself isn’t all that bad but the poor sub HD visuals let this game down so badly that it really is no fun to play in 3D at all. While it might be fun still to play in 3D its just as lazy of a port as Jak 2 was.

The quality of the visuals are so poor that you would likely get a better 3D effect if you blew the dust off the old ps2 and got your TV to convert the game to 3D for you. The Jak and Daxter HD remake as a whole is a prime example of milking the HD remake scene. The games were good but other than trophies there is no reason to buy this game. It isn’t high definition and any attempt to make the image smoother to HDTVs was a lazy attempt at best. Anti aliasing alone would have been enough to save this title as we could put IP with having an lower resolution game if it was still smooth but its an eye sore and completely ruins the 3D effect.

This game is a waste of time getting if yo are looking for a nice game to play in 3D. It’s almost a crime to support this release as they have dine nothing to make it worthwhile for us. The game suffers from a big downgrade in visual quality when 3D is enabled and since the game had bad visuals to begin with you are left with a terrible picture. The 3D while it did offer decent enough depth was ruined by the games constant visual shortcomings and overall wasn’t an enjoyable game to play in 3D.

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Jak 3 is a platform game developed by Naughty Dog for Sony's PlayStation 2 console. The game is the sequel to Jak II, and third in the series. The game features new weapons and devices, new playable areas, and a storyline that picks up after the events of the previous games. As in the other games in the series, the player takes on the dual role of recurring protagonists Jak…
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