Insomniac could be working on new Resistance game


The Resistance: Fall of Man franchise saw its final game, Resistance 3, released in 2011 for the PS3. There hasn’t been much life in the franchise since then. Quite unfortunate when you look back. The franchise never seemed to get as big as it should have, but if most definitely deserved to.

Recently, the games developer, Insomniac games, have been quite active on Twitter posting about this game, but without any clear intent. Could this be the build-up to an important announcement for the franchise? A HD remaster of the Resistance trilogy for the PlayStation 4 or maybe they are working on Resistance 4? Check out the tweets below.

The first tweet came on November 17th. Before this, there wasn’t much talk of Resistance on their account. Most of their focus was on the upcoming VR game Stormland.

Since then, they have had at least one tweet per week related to the Resistance franchise. Various weapons, scenes and promotional material. The captions are mostly light-hearted, no jaw-dropping news is being revealed, but it sure feels like they are building up to something. Here are some of the tweets.

It is hard to say for sure where they are going with this but there has been very little life in the franchise since 2011, why suddenly start promoting a game this old now? A completely new game would be awesome, but at this stage, most of us would be happy with anything. I would love to hear your opinions on this.

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