I Need A Steering Wheel For Gran Turismo

gran turismo 7 steering wheel

As I explained in my previous blog post about Gran Turismo 7, I am beginning to get the hang of racing in this game after my history of only playing the likes of Burnout. As I have been progressing further through the game, one thing is beginning to stand out to me. I need a steering wheel!

As I have been driving around tracks and getting a little better at dealing with corners and breaking at the right time, something feels a bit off. Using R2 and L2 to control the vehicle just seems a bit off. I also have a habit of squeezing the crap out of the buttons when I am under pressure, resulting in sore fingers (keep your mind out of the gutter).

There is a fairly old solution to this problem, however. A solution that has come along leaps and bounds over the past 20 years since I last used one for my PS2. A Steering wheel.

Steering Wheels For Gran Turismo Are Insane!

gran turismo haptic steering wheel
This thing is absolutely insane….and that’s just the price!

I decided to do some looking around for steering wheels for the PS5 and there are a few of them out there at the moment. None of which come close to being as impressive as the Gran Turismo DD Pro kit from Fanatec. This thing has full-on steering feedback that will pull the wheel against your turns, giving you a much more immersive feeling of driving.

Now that I have seen this, I absolutely must have it but my god look at the price! As much as I think this would be awesome, spending €1000 on a steering wheel without even being able to try it is far too risky for me. At the same time, I am probably a few beers away from making one very expensive mistake.

driving in vehicle
A view like this is going to be perfect for a steering wheel. IF you sit close enough to the TV with a nice resolution, It should be a sort of VR experience without the trouble of a headset….at least that is what I have been trying to tell myself to justify such an expensive purchase.

There may be a 2am blog post in the coming days, followed by a rather emotional post at 9am the next day over the losses I have experienced!

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