How Do I Use A Gaming Headset on A PS4?

You always see your friends talking about playing Call of duty or Rayman Legends together in their PS4 and feel left off from the conversation.
I feel you. That’s why I recommend that you get a good gaming headset and be a part of the conversation.
But just buying a good headset would not be enough, you’ll also have to know how to put it to use. But what if you don’t know how to use it properly?
Well, there’s nothing to worry about. For today I’m going to detail the process of using a gaming headset on a PS4.So, let’s get the show on the road.

What Is A Gaming Headset?

Some of you may not be familiar with a gaming headset. Let’s get you acquainted with this this thing first.
A gaming headset is similar to a headphone but better. It has a microphone connected to it which you can use to talk to your friends online.  On top of that, it can block out external noises around you.
That’s right. It is just you and the ps4 with no one in between.
Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
Now, there are two types of gaming headsets. They are:

  1. A wired gaming headset.
  2. A wireless gaming headset.

I’ll tell you how I connect and use both.

How to Actually Use A Wired Gaming Headset

This is no rocket science, and it is actually very easy to set it up. In fact, you need to follow 3 simple steps. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

There is an AUX port at the base of your DualShock 4. You need to plug in the 3.5 mm audio plug of the headset to it.

Step 2:

Next what you need to do is have a look at your ps4 settings to make sure that your headset is connected.
Then, click on the “settings” option on the home menu and select “devices.”
After that, you need to click the “Audio devices” option and confirm through the “Input and output device” whether the headset is connected or not.
This step might look very lengthy, but it won’t take you more than two minutes.

Step 3:

The last step is hands down the most uncomplicated one of the three.
You just need to adjust the volume control, microphone level and output to headphones to your liking.
You shouldn’t put your volume at a very high level as it would be harmful to your ears.

How to Use A Wireless Gaming Headset?

It is the same as the wired one. Only you can disconnect it from the cable after getting connected. It will not lose connection with the controller unless another headset is connected to it. 

Which One Do I Prefer?

I honestly prefer using a wired headset over the wireless one because there’s no hassle of charging and it provides a slightly better sound quality as well.
Nevertheless, the difference in sound quality is very minimum. And in most cases, you can’t tell them apart.
You can although move around with the wireless one, but you need to charge it as well. But i am lazy, and often forget to charge mine. 
The wireless gaming headset is a tad bit more expensive than the wired one. you can blame the added tech for the increase in price.
A PS4 itself is pricey, and the games of it are towards the high-end side. The addition of a costly headset is not feasible for me. I prefer a rather budget gaming headset for myself. 

Budget Friendly Gaming Headsets

If you can get a cheaper headset which works almost a s fine as an expensive one, then why not get it? Here are a few great budget options:

Logitech G Pro- It gives a huge bass, and you can comfortably wear it for hours.

Corsair HS70- This one is wireless and is the best at this price. It has a very booming bass. 

Hyperx Cloud Alpha- This one is undoubtedly my favorite one and the one I am currently using. It provides the best sound quality and grasps onto mid tones. 

There are of course some better options. But they will cost you more. Let’s talk about the high-end ones.

The Best High-End Headsets in The Market

For a lot of you, the price tag doesn’t really make a difference when you get a finer experience in gaming. You aren’t really wrong. Here are a few examples of the ones which are worth the bucks.

Sony PlayStation Wireless Platinum- This had to make it to the list. Sony designed the headset, and it is heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to features. The price of this thing ranges around 130-150 dollars.

Razer Nari Ultimate- The sound quality of this is on another level. It feels like I am inside the game, and the sound is very defined. On top of that, this has an outstanding battery life. This costs around 200 dollars.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700- This little monster is perfect for those who wear spectacles because of its design. It eliminates noise around you and has a beautiful sound quality. Its only drawback is its low battery life. This little monster is retailed at 120-150 dollars.

Sennheiser GSP 600- This one is perfect for team gaming thanks to its excellent microphone. The only issue with it is its design, which is very bulky. You can buy this thing for about 220-250 dollars.

What Are the Pros of Headsets?

I love the feeling of being engrossed in the game to the extent that I feel that I am a part of it. Here are some of the pros of using a gaming headset:

  • If you do not like getting interrupted during gaming, then you will like it. Gaming headsets block out any external noise during the game. It is not only helpful for you but also for the people around you, especially if you are playing late at night.
  • When playing in a team, communication is the key to victory. It’s imperative that Proper and a continuous exchange of words is ensured between the team members. From building up strategies to taking critical decisions, all depends on the quality of the microphone. And a gaming headset will give you a quality microphone.
  • Price of a gaming headset is much more reasonable than a fully working sound system. in fact, the sound system will be missing out on some of the components available in the headset even with the bigger price tag. 

Final Word

It is very easy to use a gaming headset as you have seen above.
If you didn’t know how to use it, I strongly believe that now you know how to operate it.
It’s an investment, and I think it’s worth the money.
So, what are you waiting for now?
Go quickly and plug in your headset to your controller right now.
If you don’t have one yet, run to the nearest gaming shop and get a headset immediately.
In case you have any further questions or some suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below. Gracias.

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