How Confusing Is The Death Stranding Story?

Kojima is known for writing some highly complex stories and the story of Death Stranding is no exception to this. If the trailers are anything to go by, this game is going to be fairly confusing, but how bad is it? How confusing is the story in Death Stranding?

The story is complex and you will need to pay attention. If you zone out during an important conversation, you will obviously struggle to know what the hell is going on. So long as you can stay tuned in, it should be no bother at all to the average player.

For people who love sci-fi stories, a lot of aspects of this games story will make more sense. The multiverse is a pretty confusing thing and it is mentioned in this game. Advanced technology is also a big focus, so some familiarity with other science fiction writing will definitely be an advantage to you when you are getting stuck into this game.

The game does a very good job at wrapping up the story and making sure everything has been explained in a clear and easy way. There was no point at which I was like “that makes no sense at all”. There were some things I was confused about because they were just complex, but thats different.

If you are just looking to figure out, based on how complex it seems from the trailers, whether the actual game is going to have a confusing story, you have nothing to worry about. It is not confusing and is so well written that you will be able to keep your head wrapped around everything.

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