Special editions have always been something that video game publishers have released with new games and up until now I have never really had any complaints. The past few years Call of Duty games have come with 2 or 3 special editions with each version in the tier offering additional merchandise for the gamers. Ubisoft have decided to go ahead and release special editions for their upcoming game Watch Dogs but they have gotten it terribly wrong. There comes a point where special/limited editions stop being so special. The image below is a chart that shows what each of the special editions of the contain. They decided not to opt for a tiered approach like we are used to with Call of Duty games and decided to randomly put different things in different editions of the game making it a difficult task for a gamer to have everything.

Surely the best edition of the game contains everything the lower versions contain along with additional stuff? Click here for the source. Would you be willing to buy multiple copies for the additional material? Leave your comments below.

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