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PS4 Error E-82000113 Cause & Fix

This message will appear when you redeem a voucher on the Playstation Network. The message will often appear with the message "Cannot redeem the voucher code". The message is a simple as that, there is an issue with the voucher.

How To Fix Playstation ErrorĀ E-82000113

This one can be difficult to fix if the code is invalid. The first thing you should do is make 100% that you have entered the code correctly. If you are sure you have entered the code correctly, then this might be a case where the code is either invalid or something has been done to invalidate it. You have 2 options, go to the place where you got the code from and exchange it, or you can contact PlayStation support.

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If you have gotten the code on some kind of voucher or in game promotion, check the terms and conditions to make sure the code hasn't become invalid.

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