Mute Dualsense Microphone By Default

    mute dualsense microphone

    One of the cool features of the Dualsense controller is the built-in microphone that will allow you to communicate with others without the need for a dedicated headset. One problem with this is you often find players are sharing their mic feed in games when they do not know it. If you are sick of having to mute the controller mic every time you play, you are not alone!

    Instead of having to mute the mic on the controller and running the risk of forgetting, there is a handy setting that will allow you to mute the dual sense microphone by default. For those who do not play multiplayer games on a regular basis, this becomes a super handy feature that gives you a little more privacy.

    How To Disable Dualsense Microphone

    You can easily disable the dual sense microphone from the settings menu. This will ensure that the orange light is turned on, signalling the mic is muted the moment you turn on the controller. You will never need to worry about accidentally leaving it on and having people listen to your epic farts.

    To turn off the microphone by default, navigate to the following area of the settings menu and you will find the option to disable the microphone by default.

    Sound ->Microphone -> Microphone Status when logged in

    mute dualsense microphone
    By setting this option, you will ensure that the dualsense microphone is muted by default when you turn on the PS5. The orange light will be visible on the controller when you first turn it on
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