How To Record Gameplay On The PS4

    The Playstation 4 has a built in game recorder. With its default settings the PS4 will automatically record the last 15 minutes of gameplay. This often results in people accidentally recording a 15 minute clip when they only wanted the last 30 seconds. Here is an overview of how to record gameplay videos on the Ps4.

    Saving A Gameplay Clip

    The system setup for this is actually quite annoying and there isn’t currently anything that can be done to make saving the last few minutes of gameplay any easier. The PS4 will record X amount of minutes of gameplay based on whatever you have it configured to do. If you have it set to record 15 minutes and something awesome happened in the last 30 seconds that you want to save, you have to save all 15 minutes and edit the video later. Editing the video is easy, but it’s does annoy quite a lot of people that you cant define the amount of the video you want to save when actually saving it.

    To save a video from the past (sort of like how a DVR works), you will need to hit the share button on the Dualshock 4 controller once. After a second or 2 the share menu will pop up on the screen and you will be able to see the video of the gameplay that just happened and you have the option to save it.

    Ps4 Save video clip
    PS4 – Save video clip

    If you press the options button you will be able to alter the settings for how the gameplay DVR actually works in the event that you want to change how minutes of gameplay the share tool actually records.

    Start Recording A Clip

    Recording a gameplay clip that is about to happen is very easy and works a lot better than recording something that happened in the past. When you are ready to start recording, hit the share button twice. A small icon will appear on the screen with a red circle that will indicate the gameplay is being recorded. As soon as you are ready to stop recording, press the share button once and save the clip as you normally do.

    When you trigger a new gameplay clip to be recorded you will erase all footage that has occurred in the past.

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