How To Optimize Your School Laptop For Gaming

    Most regular school laptops cannot deliver the same performance level as gaming laptops built specifically for that purpose. However, this does not mean that you cannot still play some online or offline games on your laptop.

    But considering how tight your schedule will be as a college student, it will probably be all work and little play (if you get any time for play at all). Even if you are a game lover, you probably will not get enough spare time for it in-between attending lectures and doing your best to write your essays, research papers, and other assignments in on time.

    Of course, with some assignment help, you may create more time to devote to playing games. Fortunately, there are tools and a service that help your with your assignment while you can dive into your favorite game worlds. This and similar tools will ease up your college life and help clear up your schedule faster so you can get to play games when you want to.

    Certain settings on your computer and some school restrictions may also hinder you from enjoying computer games. However, with some tweaks and setting changes, you should be able to do a computer tune-up and optimize your laptop to make this possible.

    Physical Maintenance

    Most college students don’t give much thought to this, but physical maintenance can improve your laptop’s performance. Leaving dust to settle on your laptop can reduce airflow and cause your computer to get too hot. When the computer GPU, processor, and other components heat up, the laptop’s performance will be affected. You can improve this by simply cleaning the vent, keyboard, and other parts regularly and getting rid of dust.

    Bypassing School Web Filters And Wi-Fi Restrictions

    Some schools in the UK set up Wi-Fi or Web Filters that make it difficult to play Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Minecraft, and other online games at school. While they do this to ensure that school internet couldn’t connect to other websites so that students only use it for educational purposes, the truth is that you can’t spend all your days on campus on essay writing, attending class, or listening to lectures from your teachers.

    Fortunately, there are various means of bypassing such restrictions and unblock games. Some of the methods of bypassing filters to allow you to play online games include using website proxies to play school proxy games, changing network proxies, bypassing steam firewall, using Virtual Private Networks, Extensions, or Using Firefox USB. 

    Update Laptop Drivers

    While all laptops have similar hardware, what sets them apart is their software. The operating system of your device is one of the main factors that affect laptop performance.

    Fortunately, operating your laptop’s OS is quite simple and straightforward. You can also optimize your laptop by updating the graphic drivers. This one takes more work and requires some technical knowledge. Your GPU management software such as AMD Gaming Evolved or Nvidia GeForce should be set to auto-update to ensure you have the latest one possible. You should also update your audio drivers and game controller drivers.

    Close All Programs And Background Apps

    Another simple trick is to ensure you have no other app or software running asides the game you want to play. Close your browser or any program you may have running before switching to game mode. To ensure nothing else is running, you can also look at your system tray to see all the apps that may be running in your background and close all of them.

    Install The Latest Version Of DirectX Version

    DirectX is a suite of software tools that help improve your Windows computer graphics card’s performance. You will most likely find DirectX already installed on your Windows 10, but you must ensure that you have the latest version for the best gaming experience.

    You can change your current version of your DirectX by pressing Win+R; this will open the Run Menu. Enter “dxdiag” to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. In this menu, you will see if your graphics drivers, audio drivers, and DirectX are up to date. This is also a great way to see if all your gaming-related hardware is up to date and run an update if they are not,

    Change Your Power Settings

    This is one of the little things that can affect the gaming performance of your laptop. With effective power management, you can improve the operation and performance of your device. Open your device power settings and switch to high performance for the best gaming experience. However, it is also advisable that you have your laptop connected to a power outlet at all times for the best gaming experience. 


    Other things you can do to improve your laptop gaming performance include tweaking your game’s texture settings, ensuring that you have good network speed, and overclocking your graphics card. As a college student who wants to play games, you need to learn how to optimize your laptop for the best gaming experience.

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