Guy Beats Insane GTA Stunt Course In Record Time

I have played a good few of these crazy stunt courses and most of the time I’ve quit out because they are ridiculously difficult to even drive around, never mind actually complete on time.

This is one such crazy ass course, that somehow a person was able to complete. I don’t want to even know how much time and practice it took this guy to figure all the tricks out, but we can all assume this was not his first attempt.

I guess there is quite a market for tracks like this if there are gamers who are good enough to be able to actually make it to the end without some form of cheating.

It’s pretty clear that there has been an alteration to the physics here as the standard game mechanics don’t allow you to perform a lot of the stunts that this guy pulls off so easily. Check out the video below and prepare to be wowed!

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