Beginners Guide To Rocksmith


    If you are new to playing guitar and are planning on using Rocksmith to learn how to play, this beginners guide to Rocksmith will help you get started as quick as possible. If you are someone who already knows how to play the guitar, this guide may also help you stop wasting time playing on easy.

    Riff Repeater

    Many times there will be a song riff or even a solo that is hard to nail. By using the riff repeater, you can replay the same riff in repeat in order to nail it. You can use the riff repeater on any song you like. When playing a song, you can also trigger it by pausing and using the riff repeat option.

    Slow songs down

    A sub item to the riff repeater is the ability to slow a song/riff down. This is amazing for solos that can often be quite fast. It is a great way for you to see all the notes and hit them in time.

    Use The Game as an Amp

    This feature doesn’t work so well on the older consoles as the hardware will generate some latency. The gameplay itself is able to counter this, but when jamming there can often be a very noticeable delay between strumming and hearing sound. If you are able to put up with it you can actually use this game as a pretty cool guitar amp. The more you play, the more amps, cabs and pedals you will unlock. There are some really cool options.

    From the games menu you can begin a jamming session and can even build your own tones.

    Increase Difficulty

    On the other side of wanting to practice further, you might find that you are too good for the difficulty that the game is providing you with. There are several things that can be done to alter the games difficulty. The following guide will show you everything you need to know about raising the difficulty in Rocksmith. Guide to raising Rocksmith Difficulty.

    Custom Songs (CDLC)

    Ever since Guitar Hero hit the mainstream, people have wanted ways to make this happen. Fortunately, there is actually a way to get custom songs in Rocksmith. Custom songs are referred to as CDLC. You can find a full list of every single CDLC song on a website called CustomsForge. They manage everything related to the CDLC in Rocksmith. Click here to go to CustomsForge.

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