Let’s face it – everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done and the video gaming industry is one of the best at coming up with new and inventive ways of providing players with something show for all their hard work and effort. From the completely bananas and often surreal to the extremely satisfying, video game rewards and bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and it can often the case that most eye-catching and thoughtful efforts are those which are not always the most practical and useful. With that being said, below is a selection of bonuses and rewards which we think represent a healthy mix of the helpful to the downright depressing.

Rock Band 2

Now, as great as Rock Band 2’s 58 song tracklist is (and it really is quite splendid), it takes monumental effort to complete the entire setlist without pausing. To do this, you’ll need a spare 4 hours or so and a spare hand or two in order to account for the undoubted cramp once you’ve finally done the deed. So, what do you receive for wasting a good portion of your Saturday night and destroying the nerve endings of your fingers? 25 gamerscore. No, that’s not a typo. You’ve been warned.


Jackpot City Bonuses

Whilst we know that casino games are both challenging and not to everyone’s taste, they do provide users with some of the most generous bonus and reward schemes around which make it that little bit easier when playing some of the more higher end games such as video poker and online roulette. Some gaming providers are even offering a welcome bonus which comes in four parts and rewards users the first four times they make a deposit with some free money. Take note, Rock Band.


Deadspace 2

Without a doubt, the most bizarre and yet entertaining entry on the list, gamers who could somehow manage to guide engineer Isaac Clarke through the game on hardcore mode were rewarded with what was affectionately known as the “hand cannon” and yes, it really is as ludicrous as it sounds. The hand cannon may only be a large red foam hand but it turns out to be one of the most devastatingly powerful weapons in the game and can tear off a Necromorph’s limbs with ease. Go figure.

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We Love Katamari

In a gaming franchise which is known for being slightly off the wall, We Love Katamari contains a bonus level which really does take the cake (among other things). Tasked with gathering one million roses (which you can only collect in bunches of 10), collecting the final flower brings you to the King of All Cosmos who effectively mocks you by stating that we’re rather impressed by such a pointless exercise. You also get a bonus song for your troubles which plays in the background whilst he probably laughs at you. Maybe he was right.


Personal Pride Is Still a Thing

Remember that when the rewards really aren’t worth the effort, self-satisfaction can be worth its weight in gold. Don’t forget that you can also brag to your friends if you so wish but at the same time, we’re not quite sure just how impressed they will be knowing that you’ve been strumming along to “Won’t Get Fooled Again” on a plastic guitar for who knows how long. On second thoughts, keep that one to yourself.

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