Guide to Opening CSGO Cases & What to Expect

One of the great aspects of CS: GO is the use of in-game skins. To make things more exciting players are turning to open cases in an attempt to get high-value items in the region of thousands of dollars, although it can often result in getting items that are pretty worthless. At the time of writing, weapon and knife skins are obtainable from a total of 21 regular cases.

The Inferno and active duty queue maps are also obtainable from some of the eight available souvenir cases. M4A1-S Knights and AWP Dragon Lores can be obtained via these cases instead of finding average knife items. The worth of these skins is much higher than the ones that are dropped in-game, making them much rarer in value. Our guide talks about the regular weapon skins cases though to understand what’s involved.

What’s in the regular CS: GO cases?

There are a total of 5 colour variations found on the weapons contained in average cases, consisting of red, pink, blue, and purple. Gold or yellow colours apply to knives in regular boxes. Mil-Spec is the name used to describe blue skins to denote the lowest grade weapons obtained from a case. These weapons will be low-value, while restrictions are placed on purple finds. Purple guns are not priced too high as they fall in the mid-tier category of available weapon skins. On the higher side of the scale are pink skins referred to as classified weapon skins. Pink skin prices vary but normally reside at a higher price point. They are rarer to drop from a case, but they are still more common than a knife or red skin.

The more expensive skins are red alongside knives which CS: GO cases can include inside. Costs of over $5000 can apply to knives, but they’re also extremely rare to find in a case, it’ll usually take a lot of case opens to find one.

Opening CS: GO cases

Before you can open a case, you’ll need to get one from a case opening site, or it can happen naturally simply by playing the game via the secured servers from Valve. This can often result in obtaining up to two cases.

If you have managed to obtain a case, you’ll need the case keys to open it. Make sure you find the matching key to your case by purchasing one from the Steam marketplace or from a third-party seller. You can normally pick up a case from anywhere between four and thirty cents.

When were cases first available?

A total of 9 new skins were available when CS: GO cases first came into the game back in 2013, with a promise of “exceedingly rare special item!” Once or twice each week, a case would randomly drop just by playing the game. Many CS: GO players want to get their hands on a case containing a rare knife today, and these could sometimes be found within the random drops each week. More precious skins and knives brought into the game enticed players into parting with real money to increase their chance of a rare drop with more cases available today, and some skins being removed from the game altogether.

Good to know…

It is worth keeping in mind that making money or profiting from opening CS: GO cases is not as reliable as it might first appear. Due to the randomness of the content inside the cases, you could spend a considerable amount of money before finding anything of value. If you’d prefer not to part with any real-life money to obtain cases, you could turn to something like a CS: GO case simulation tool.

Using a case simulator enables players to simulate the experience and excitement of opening virtual CS: GO cases, but won’t provide you with anything tangible to use in your game. Some simulators are pretty close to the odds available in-game, giving you an idea of how likely you’ll be to uncover a valuable skin.

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