GTA V Mod Adds Iron Man And Hulk Buster Suits

Iron Man And Hulk Buster

Now that we have Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, we get to appreciate the awesome work that talented mod teams around the world produce. This is a fine example of what these mod teams are producing.

The effort that went into making this happen is really impressive. Unlike a lot of mods that attempt to add new content by taking existing elements from the game and putting new textures on, this mod appears to have added the full model with animations.

On top of looking badass the Iron man and hulk buster suits are also as strong as tanks, tossing cars out of the way without any trouble. All of Iron Mans weapons are the same as in the movie and the best part of all…he can fly!

Check out the videos below to see these mods in action. If you are a console gamer then you will not be able to get these mods, but if you have it for PC then you can download the mods here. 

We also have a mini Hulkbuster suit that looks incredible.

After seeing how high quality these are and also how well they seem to work within the game (bar a few glitches). It’s a surprise Rockstar haven’t cashed in on movie tie ins like this already. A partnership with some major movie studios would bring some kick ass DLC and will fill up Rockstars bank account even more than it already is.

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