GTA Games Remade In HD Using The Rage Engine

GTA Games Remade In HD

Grand Theft Auto games from the PS2 / Xbox have unfortunately never gotten HD remakes so we cant enjoy them in High Definition just yet but thanks to modders we are able to get an idea of what they might look like if they were given the HD remake. The following videos are of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas all ported to Rockstars latest gaming engine, The Rage engine.

Sadly it doesn’t look like we will ever see an official HD remake any time soon and we may never see it, but these videos at least give us a decent picture of the GTA games remade in HD.


Probably my least favorite of the last generation GTA games, but at the time it was the best game I had ever played. I wouldn’t be too upset if this game didn’t get a HD remake, it would still be nice to play the game again.

Vice City

Who doesn’t want to see this game remade? A lot of us died a little when we found out that GTA V would not be set in Vice City. Thankfully, Rockstar look like they are giving it all they can to make up for the shortcomings of GTA IV. All I know is i want to play a game that is set in Vice City again.

San Andreas

The biggest of the last gen games and by far the most challenging to remake in HD. This game was also awesome. While the game world is now dwarfed by newer games, it was the biggest map we had ever seen at the time. There was so much about this game that was great. A San Andreas HD Remake would be worth a full $60 price tag in my opinion.

So there we have it. It might make you happy or it might make you sad that we still haven’t seen the GTA games remade in HD. The new rage engine is pretty damn awesome! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some good news in the coming future.
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