Getting Back Into Minecraft

back into minecraft

My Minecraft adventures have been pushed aside for quite some time due to the vast amount of games that built up in my backlog. Now that I have started to get back on top of things, I have been wanting to get back to playing Minecraft.

I bought the game for PC about 2 years ago and I played the shit out of some mods. It was around this time that I ditched things to clear down the backlog, most of which turned into an extended visit to Hyrule.

I have just finished building a Minecraft Seed Index section to the site ..well I have finished writing the code, I still have to fill it up with stuff. The previous seed posts that I have made are long dead by now. So I guess I better get stuck into documenting seeds to help build up this index.

One thing that has surprised me is how far the mobile version of the game has come. For €6.99 you get a pretty extensive game on android. It has pretty much everything that the console versions have. I’d say I’ll pick this up in the coming weeks so that I can get a few Minecraft hours in while I am on the go. By hours I mean the 30 or so minutes I can get until the battery dies.

For the moment, I will probably stick with playing it on the PS4 since it is handy for me. I have seen there is a village update on the horizon. Since this will probably come out for the Java edition first, I might end up having to jump ship to get a taste of it.

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