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Are there any free MMOs that are as good as WOW

I have played a few different free to play MMO games and most of them are pure garbage. You can't do anything unless you pay some money for power tokens or whatever. I don't mind a game having better gear to buy and other stuff like that but I can't stand when the game is practically unplayable if you do not pay money for boosters. They always end up costing a fortune if you look at the long term.

Although world of Warcraft was not free, it was a lot more fair than any of the free to play MMOs that I have tried. I find it hard to believe there aren't some games out there that are free to play AND still good. Does anyone have any recommendations for free to play MMORPGs that are both good games and don't harass or obstruct the gameplay if you do not pay for items and powerups?

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November 29th, 2017 3:23 pm
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The Elder Scrolls Online

There are very few MMOs that are as good as WOW. I don't think there are any free MMOs that are as good as WOW. Free to play games are built around paying real money for stuff which does break away from what WOW does, but there is one game i can think of that is like World of Warcraft, but free.

Elder Scrolls Online is a free to play MMO that is fairly well established at this stage. There is a lot of content now, but you will probably need to spend some real money to catch up with people since you will be fairly far behind and there wont be many new people playing.

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December 21st, 2017 12:55 pm
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