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zombie coop games

Zombies have been a popular enemy in video games since the 1980s. Over the years we have seen more and more franchises dedicated to this iconic monster. If you are looking for some good games to play with friends and fancy a bit of undead slaying action, check out this list of zombie coop games.

All of these games will support at least 2 player coop through the story or some form of multiplayer game mode. Many of these games will be a more left 4 dead style game where you join up with a team of 4. If you have some suggestions to add to this list, please leave the suggestion in the comments below.

Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies

cod ww2 zombies game mode

Call of Duty is a popular war shooter. World at War introduced a small zombie mode as a bit of fun. The developers never expected it to explode the way it did. Fast forward a few games and people are now obsessed with it. The zombies game mode will put you in a building or some sort of setting where you are in some enclosed spaces. You earn points from killing zombies that come in waves. Use these points to purchase better weapons or to unlock doors, expanding the area you can explore.

A lot of these maps have gotten complex and contain interesting stories. There is often a lot more to do than kill the endless waves of undead that are trying to murder you.
4 players

Left 4 Dead

coop zombies squad

Left 4 Dead comes from the legendary developer of the Half Life series. The game became an instant hit and had a large player base. The game contains a story that involves you and a team of 3 others working together to escape a zombie horde that has taken over. The short and sweet is that you use a range of weapons to slay as many zombies as possible in some fun settings.

As far as zombie coop games go, this one is not even remotely scary. It is fast paced, high action fun. There is huge demand for a third, but we can save the discussion of Valve and third iterations of games for another day.
4 players

Zombie Army Trilogy

coop ombies game mode

Three games for the price of one here. The sniper elite series had a DLC spin off where all of those evil Nazis were replaced with undead soldiers. Each of the three games featured in this collection has a full story mode where you can team up with three others to kill zombie hitler. Zombies don't have testicles for you to blow off like the main game, but there is a lot of fun to be had here if you want to blow off zombie heads with a high powered sniper rifle.
4 players

World War Z

This game isn't directly tied to the movie, which normally means it isn't going to be complete garbage. The good news is that it is awesome! Left 4 Dead is quite old now and has remained one of the best games of its type. World War Z is a challenger to this throne. If you played Left 4 Dead and liked it, you will like this game too. The setup is the exact same. Join up with 3 others to take on the hordes of zombies as you make it through the main story.
4 players

Dead Island

tropical island zombie shooter

This game can be a lot of fun. You are thrown into a tropical island that has had a zombie outbreak. You must salvage what you can to craft weapons to take on the swarms of undead. The setting stops this game feeling too serious, but it does have its moments. Join up with some friends and you will be able to experience the entire game through an enjoyable coop mode.
4 players

Dying Light

online zombie survival game

Dying light comes from the same developers behind Dead Island. The games are very similar with the focus on crafting and survival through a zombie outbreak. The tone is a lot darker in this game. The enviornment is more dark and gritty and things really get tough when the sun goes down

If you have played Mirrors Edge, you will be familiar with parkour. Dying light takes a lot of the movement elements from this game, allowing you to slide under obstacles, climb, jump and make your way from A to B in some creative ways.
4 players

Dead Nation

top down zombie shooter

Dead Nation is one of the better top down shooters in the genre. The controls are tight, the weapons are great and the enemies are great. Top down games may not have the same visual quality we get from a first or third person shooter. The advantage you get are large numbers of enemies on screen at once. This game just throws endless zombie hordes at you over and over. Throwing a grenade into a huge group of 100s of zombies is incredibly satisfying.

The game story isn't anything over the top. The fun comes from the gameplay itself and the fact that you can play through the entire thing with a friend.
2 players

Dead Rising 4

funny coop zombies

There are four games in the Dead Rising franchise now. All of them have been remastered on current generation consoles. If you like these games, you will have a LOT of content to go back over.

The dead rising games do not take themselves seriously at all. The fourth game tries to make things a little more realistic and less arcade but it is still pretty comical most of the time. Dead Rising puts lots of enemies on screen at once and gives you the ability to craft some really wacky weapons. Combining a helmet and a lawnmower to create a spinning blade you put on your head is one example of some of the crazy things you can construct to slay all of the zombies in this game.
4 players

Bloody Zombies

best coop zombies games

Bloody Zombies is a brawler game, which is very unusual for a zombie game. Close quarters combat is the last thing you want to risk near a zombie. The specifics don't matter, the point here is you get to kick the crap out of zombies.

Join up with 3 other players to play through the games story in coop mode.You can play this game in VR if you wish which is a little bit of a twist on this if you own a VR headset.
4 players

Zombie Vikings

best online zombie games

This is probably the most light hearted and comical zombie games with online coop. Zombie vikings lets you pick from four different vikings, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Team up with your friends or a team of people online to take on all of the zombies. The story is woven into Norse mythology making it a very unique setting for a zombie adventure.
4 players

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