Games Like Sleeping Dogs

The Grand Theft Auto franchise rarely goes outside the fictional USA themed cities that is has become known for. The success of the franchise has obviously drawn a lot of attention from other game developers who want to make something similar. There are actually a lot of games like it and Sleeping Dogs turned out to be one of the more successful games to emulate the format and deliver a satisfying story.

I didn’t expect to like this game as much as I did since I don’t usually play games that are not Grand Theft Auto. Are there any other games like Sleeping Dogs that are worth playing (i know there are a lot of garbage GTA clones out there).

Watch Dogs 2

Try playing Watch Dogs. Along with also having the word dogs in the name, it is an open world game that doesn't push you to go on big rampages, killing all of the police in sight.

Mafia III

Another open world sandbox game that focusses more on the gang side of crime and less about how many cops you can kill and evade.

Red Dead Redemption

Its like Sleeping Dogs, but it is set in with wild west with cowboys, horses and all sorts of interesting old fashioned stuff.

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is a great game to play. It has a much stronger focus on the narrative rather than going around the town doing whatever you like, but you have access to an open world city.

Saints Row: The Third

The third Saints Row game is a lot of madness packed into one game. The story is completely nuts, but the game itself is like Sleeping Dogs. You have lots of small tasks and side missions to do around the city when you get a bit tired of the main story.

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