Games Like Plants Vs Zombies?

Plants Vs Zombies takes tower defense games and puts a very unique twist on it. Combined with the quirky visual style, it has resulted in this being an easily recognizable franchise. The series has gone in several directions since the launch of the original game, but have failed to live up to the original game.

I’ve played through the original Plants Vs Zombies games a bunch of times now. I still love it, but I’d love to play some different games too. Are there many other tower defense games that are like Plants Vs Zombies? Preferably something that is available on mobile devices.

Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue

Its like plants v zombies from a different view. ITs a traditional tower defense game where you look from the top. Its plant themed which makes it similar enough.

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Garden Rescue Box Art

Garden Rescue

Game sequelHello! I want to note that this game have a sequel - If you like the first part, you will like sequel. Better graphics, new levels. Please take a look and vote. Thanks!About the GameA serious menace has approached the gentle and snug garden, where various plants have been quietly living - masses of voracious insects rushed to it to fill their maws. The green defenders had to lay…

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