Multiplayer Shooters Like Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress was a more lighthearted jump from the more gritty and realistic shooters we got from Valve in the past. The colorful visuals, exaggerated characters and over the top gameplay made for an explosive multiplayer experience.

With the success of the TF franchise and Counter Strike, Valve have earned plenty of esteem from the gaming community for their work. Finding a game to live up to it isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t games that can do it.

What are the best PVP competitive shooters out there that have the same kind of gameplay that TF2 does. Different classes with various perks to using them. I’d prefer some free to play games, but if there are good games like Team Fortress 2 that cost money i don’t mind.


Fortnite off the bat is very like Team Fortress visually. The art style is cartoony and stuff. The battle royale game mode is really popular right now which is a 100 player deathmatch. There are also coop game modes and they have a 50v50 game mode for a while. There is a lot of fun to be had from this game. It is also free to play which makes it even better.


Another free to play game that is worth playing. The art style and setting are miles away from Team Fortress, but a good free to play multiplayer game.


This game has quicky become one of the most competitive PvP shooters on the market. It has a nice lighthearted visual style with lots of colors. It is not free to play, but it is fairly cheap to buy it now. It is made by Blizzard so this game will likely have an incredibly long life.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

This might not be a shooter that most people take seriously, but it is an online shooter with a good sense of humor and colorful cartoon like visuals. If you ever played the plants vs zombies game on mobile then you will recognise most of the characters in this game.

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