Games Like Resident Evil

Starting on the PlayStation 1, Resident Evil has been a long running Japanese Horror franchise that has spawned several spin off games and even a successful movie franchise. It is not the only Japanese horror game on the market but there are very few games like Resident Evil that can live up to the reputation this game has.

Can anyone suggest some games that are similar to the Resident Evil games? The games don’t need to be zombie games or anything so long as the gameplay and idea of the game is the same kind of thing as RE.

Silent Hill: Downpour

The Silent Hill series has been quiet for a few years now. Kojima was meant to reboot it, but that didnt happen. I always found these games to be very similar. Both Japanese horror games with a focus on weird monsters, cramped areas and a general scaryness. They are both very similar games in my opinion.

The Evil Within

Resident Evil has gotten quite western in recent years. Doesn't feel as much like a Japanese game as it once did. The Evil Within games are very similar to the way the newer Resident Evil games have gone.

Dead Space 3

The Dead Space games are like Resident Evil in space. I know the 3rd game at least, supports online coop, which the resi games used to do. Scary game with lots of monsters that tend to come at you in a way that makes you panic. Good experience that is quite like Resident Evil.


Outlast is more of a random horror than being strictly zombie related, but the game is a proper horror game. For the first game you are placed in an old mental asylum. Gives the same claustrophobic feeling when you are in a tight hallway with no obvious place to run with things get scary.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake isnt a zombie game, but the story telling and the combat system are a lot like Resident Evil. You need to take your time and cant just be running around the place blowing stuff up. You stop, take shots at the shadows and other monsters before moving on. The pace is slow, the setting is spooky and the story is really good.

The Last of Us

The enemies in this game are sort of zombies. They aren't the traditional ones, but it might as well be considered a zombie game. The world is a mess and you are left to survive in a place where the zombies/mutants are all over the place. The combat is fun and ammo is rare, so you really need to take care when you are playing. Keeps the pace slow and intense.

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