Games Like God of War

God of war is one of the most action packed and violent games that has ever been made. Button mashing to rip the head off a god with year bare hands is pretty extreme. Games like God of War are quite common from Japanese developers. Perhaps the level of violence isn’t so high, but the gameplay style is certainly more common from Japanese games. Perhaps it’s the mixture of that game style with western development practices that have made it so unique.

For those who are big into the Hack N Slash genre, the large back catalog of God of War games will provide you with a lot of entertainment. Here are some other games that are like God of War.

Heavenly Sword

There is only one game in this series, but I think it is one of the closer games to God of War since it was made for western audiences and the main weapon you have in this game gives you attacks that are very similar to those that Kratos has with the various weapons he gets to use. The combat is the exact same thing, but it doesn't have the same giant boss fights.

Devil May Cry 4

I'm not sure which came first, but the Devil May Cry games feel like the Japanese equivalent of the God of War games. Epic battles against massive bosses. Lots of demons and monsters to kill. Crazy combat with huge ass weapons. DmC is just a more gothic and Japanese version of GoW


This series is more closely related to Devil May Cry, but they all fall into the same pot when it comes to the type of combat they have. Bayonetta is like a more arcade version of Devil May Cry with a similar gothic feel, large scale boss fights and a high paced combat system

Darksiders II

Darksiders is a bit like Zelda meets God of War. The combat is awesome with big combos and lots of enemies, but rather than just be a strict story there are dungeons and stuff similar to what it is like in Zelda.

Dante's Inferno

If you are familiar with the story then you will know that this game is about hell. The combat is like God of War and it has a dark side that is a lot like the darker aspects of hell that appear in the God of War games.

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