Detective Mystery Games Like Sherlock Holmes

I have played the newest Sherlock Holmes game on the PS4 and want to find some more games similar to this. Solving mysteries and other weird things by looking for clues and stuff in the area. What are some good detective games with fun mysteries to solve?

L.A. Noire

L.A Noire is one of the best detective games there is. You play as a cop and you must solve murders and other mysteries that show up around the city. There's a cool part where you must interrogate people and determine if they are telling lies based on their facial expressions. Well worth playing this game.

Still Life

This is a point and click game that is a detective game too. It's an old enough game now and they haven't made any new games in a while, but the original 2 are still great games and worth playing if you are looking for detective games.

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Still Life

Two separate murder cases, in two separate lifetimes - so similar in the smallest of details that one could believe they were performed by the same person. Impossible! One of the crimes took place 75 years ago, while the other just happened! Is someone copying an old serial killer? Or is it remotely possible that the same murderer is still alive and committing more crimes? In this thriller adventure, you'll…

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