Games Like Bioshock

Rapture is one of the most iconic video game locations of all time. There are very few story writers who would be able to create such an incredibly vibrant and unusual city in general, never mind one below the ocean. Games like Bioshock are one of a kind. For those looking for something to come close, there are some franchises that have come close in some ways.

The steampunk vibe the city had had along with having an interesting story and the quirky 1950s setting are an unusual combination. What are some other good games that are similar to Bioshock. I don’t care so much if it’s a first person shooter or anything like that so long as it has the same sort of vibe that the first two Bioshock games had.

Fallout 4

Fallout has the same kind of atmosphere to it at times. The power armor seems to be quite similar to the Big Daddy armor. There was even a mod for Fallout 4 that adds Rapture to the game and there was even a Big Daddy armor set. Even though Fallout is set 100s of years in the future, it still has that 1950s style to it with a lot of classic songs from that era as part of the soundtrack too.

Dishonored 2

Dishonored has the same steampunk style that Bioshock has. I don't think there are any other games out there that are set beneath the ocean, so this is pretty close to Bioshock.

System Shock 2

More cyberpunk than steampunk, but Ken Levine was responsible for creating both Bioshock and System Shock, so you might get some enjoyment out of this game if you don't mind the outdated visuals.

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