Games like Ark Survival Evolved

Anyone have any game recommendations for games like Ark Survival Evolved. I’d prefer a game that is a bit newer and if possible free to play, but anything that is similar to Ark will do me. Obviously it would be great some have something less buggy

Infestation: The New Z

If you like Zombies then you should check out Infestation: The New Z. It has jumped into the battle Royale band wagon but there is a survival and open world game mode and they are more like Arku00a0

Fallen Earth

This is a post apocalyptic game where you must do a lot of scavenging to survive. According to the description the game is over 1000 KM2, so there is a lot to keep you busy. It's free to play so there is nothing stopping you from checking it out.

Life Is Feudal: MMO

This game is still early access, but it looks like it is worth keeping an eye on. It's set in a more primative time so it might be a nice new angle for this kind of game.

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Life Is Feudal: MMO

An ideological and practical successor of a well-known medieval survival simulator Life is Feudal: Your Own. While continuing the traditions of the franchise, Life is Feudal: MMO implements its specific features on a much global scale. Here, players are building towns, cities, establishing civilizations and global political system on a giant 21x21 km pre-generated continent.

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