Great Plateau Sheikah Tower Guide

The Great Plateau Sheikah Tower is the first tower you will come across and will set you on the path of reaching the top of the remaining ones. Completing this one is simple as there are no obstacles to get...

Days Gone Interactive Maps - Collectable Guides

The landmarks and points of interest are marked on the map when you take over bandit camps which makes these collectables very easy to locate. Because of this, I don't see the point in making a guide for this as...

Jotnar Shrine Locations - God of War

Jotnar Shrines are large wooden boxes that contain a story when you open both of the doors. There are 11 of them hidden in the game, although most are not hidden very well. You should come across most of these...

Spyro The Dragon Walkthrough

There are various collectibles in Spyro The Dragon. Most of them are fairly easy to find, but some can be tricky. This collectible guide will show you where to find every single collectible in Spyro The Dragon, granting 120% completion...