Zero Time Dilemma - Transporter Room Guide

Transporter Room Guide

This guide will help you solve the puzzle-filled Transporter Room. The walk-through below is your key to mastering the game’s storyline and unlocking the next set of challenges. From card hierarchies and Morse code conversions to understanding the unique card machines, this guide has got you covered. This guide has been meticulously crafted to help players address the most challenging puzzles and intricate card combinations that the Transformation Room has to offer.

Step 1: Collecting All 13 Cards

  1. Start your journey in the Transporter Room by picking up cards scattered across the floor and various surfaces.
  2. Continue to do this until you cumulate a total of 13 cards.

Step 2: Operating the Computer

  1. After collecting all the cards, move onto the computer flashing with a white message.
  2. Equip each card, one after the other, and swipe them in front of the computer.
  3. Once done, ensure all green lights above the machine are switched on, indicating that all cards have now turned white.

Step 3: Reading the Book – Chapter 1

  1. Navigate to the book within the room.
  2. Read the first chapter of the book carefully.

Step 4: Inserting the Card into the Pedestal Machine

  1. Go to the pedestal that is holding the overlapping yellow shapes.
  2. Take any card from your collection and place it into the bracket of the pedestal machine.

Step 5: Reading the Book – Chapter 2

  1. Return to the book, which will now have a new chapter.
  2. Read Chapter 2 of the book.

Step 6: Figuring Out the Card Number Representation

  1. Using the hints provided in Chapter 2 and the card machine, establish the chronological order of the cards.
  2. Select the “Question” option that appears at the bottom right corner after exiting Chapter 2.
  3. Enter the cards in their correct order.
  4. On successful entry, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 will be displayed in the book.
  5. Read both chapters carefully.

Step 7: Understanding the Card Machine

The card machine helps match your collected cards against the [Sun], [Birdman], and [Flower] cards. This information will be beneficial in solving the puzzle:

  • [Birdman] is weaker than [Human and 2 Moons].
  • [Birdman] is stronger than all remaining cards.
  • [Flower] is weaker than [Birdman], [Human and 2 Moons], [2 Humans], [3 Moons], and [Moon and Star].
  • [Flower] is stronger than all remaining cards.
  • [Sun] is weaker than everything except [Wind].

Using this information, we can partially sort the cards as follows:

0 = [Wind]

1 = [Sun]

2 = [Star] OR [Moon] OR [2 Moons] OR [Human] OR [Human and Moon]

3 = [Star] OR [Moon] OR [2 Moons] OR [Human] OR [Human and Moon]

4 = [Star] OR [Moon] OR [2 Moons] OR [Human] OR [Human and Moon]

5 = [Star] OR [Moon] OR [2 Moons] OR [Human] OR [Human and Moon]

6 = [Star] OR [Moon] OR [2 Moons] OR [Human] OR [Human and Moon]

7 = [Flower]

8 = [3 Moons] OR [2 Humans] OR [Moon and Star]

9 = [3 Moons] OR [2 Humans] OR [Moon and Star]

10 = [3 Moons] OR [2 Humans] OR [Moon and Star]

11 = [Birdman]

12 = [Human and 2 Moons]

Chapter 2 in the book mentions that when two symbols are next to each other, they are multiplied together. Using this, it’s clear that [Human] is higher than [Moon] since [2 Humans] is greater than [Flower], whereas [2 Moons] is lower than [Flower].

We know that [3 Moons] and [2 Humans] must be less than 11 but greater than 7. Therefore, [Moon] must be 2 since 3 x 3 x 3 = 27, which is too high, and it can’t be 1. Following this, [2 Moons] = 2 x 2 = 4, and [3 Moons] = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8.

Since [Human and 2 Moons] is equal to 12 and we now know that [Moon] is 2, we can determine that [Human] is 3 by dividing 12 by [2 Moons], or 4. With this information, we can deduce everything except [Star] and [Moon and Star]. However, using simple logic, it’s clear that [Moon and Star] has to be the higher of the two. This will allow us to slot them into the remaining positions.

With all this information, we can determine the final order as follows:

0 = [Wind]

1 = [Sun]

2 = [Moon]

3 = [Human]

4 = [2 Moons]

5 = [Star]

6 = [Human and Moon]

7 = [Flower]

8 = [3 Moons]

9 = [2 Humans]

10 = [Moon and Star]

11 = [Birdman]

12 = [Human and 2 Moons]

Step 8: Activating the Machine in the Room’s Corner

  1. Move away from the book and towards the machine located in the corner of the room.
  2. Examine the machine twice to collect two sets of reels.

Step 9: Setting up the Desk’s Machine

  1. Examine and add both sets of reels to the machine located on the desk.
  2. Check the nucleus to see five symbols: [Birdman], [Birdman], [Birdman], [Flower], and [Human].
  3. Multiply the symbols together as per instructions given in the book to get 27951.
  4. Convert 27951 into alien symbols: [Moon], [Flower], [2 Humans], [Star], [Sun].
  5. Set up the left reel with this conversion.

Step 10: Changing the right reel

  1. Turn the handle on the machine to change the cards on the right reel.
  2. Verify that the right reel reads (from top to bottom): [Human and 2 Moons], [2 Humans], [Star], [Sun].

Step 11: Activating the Machine

  1. Navigate back to the nucleus and input these cards into the four slots.
  2. The correct input will activate the machine and allow you to progress in the game.

Transporter Room FAQ

I’m having trouble working out the card hierarchy in the transformation room puzzle. How can I sort the cards?

The sequence is based on the strengths of the cards. Consider the clues on the [Sun], [Birdman], and [Flower] cards. Arrange according to these hints. You’ll find our detailed guide above explaining the order in detail.

I’m not sure how the Card Machine works in the Transformation Room. Can you clarify?

The Card Machine matches your cards against the [Sun], [Birdman], and [Flower] cards. By comparing these with your collected cards, you can figure out the power level of each card. For example, [Birdman] is weaker than [Human and 2 Moons] but stronger than other cards. Check step 6.1 in our walkthrough for full details.

How can I convert the Morse Code to numbers in Transformation Room?

This puzzle requires understanding Morse code which is then converted into numbers. Our walkthrough provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide on mastering this conversion.

How does two symbols multiplication work in the Transformation Room?

In the Transformation Room, when you have two symbols next to each other, they multiply. The process of how exactly this works can be found in Step 6 in our walkthrough above.

What is the sequence of cards to be inserted into the computer?

The computer demonstrates the power order of the different cards. It’s important to follow the same sequence of power order when inserting your cards into the computer. You’ll be able to proceed in the game once all green lights above the machine are switched on.

How do I activate the machine in the corner of the Transformation Room?

Initially, the machine in the corner might seem unresponsive, but after reading Chapters 3 and 4 of the book, examine the machine twice to collect two sets of reels. These reel sets are integral in solving the puzzle.

How do I set up the machine on the desk?

To set up the machine on the desk, add both sets of reels to the machine. Use the nucleus to see the symbols. Convert these symbols into alien symbols and set up the left reel. Check Step 9 in our walkthrough above for more detailed instructions.

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