Zero Time Dilemma - Quantum Computer Event Guide

Quantum Computer Event Guide

This guide focuses on the scenario in which all teams have survived both the Execution vote and the Decontamination room. The goal is to explore the Force Quit fragments for C-Team, Q-Team, and D-Team.

C-Team Force Quit Fragment

  1. On the C-Team selection screen, select the fragment that is second from the left on the bottom.
  2. Enter the password when prompted, derived from the Apocalypse fragment: VIVE HODIE (Carlos’s actions will be explained later).

Q-Team Force Quit Fragment

  1. Proceed to the Q-Team selection screen and choose the fragment in the top left corner.
  2. You will be prompted to enter two codes:
    • Quantum computer code: 3808-0832 (found in the Q fragment)
    • Helmet code: 6140-4091 (in case you’ve forgotten it since the previous fragment)

D-Team Force Quit Fragment

  1. Next, go to the D-Team selection screen and pick the fragment in the top right corner.
  2. When prompted, enter the two passwords discovered in the Transporter fragment (at D-END:2):
    • BROOCH

New Fragments for All Teams

  1. After completing all three Force Quit fragments, they will now have colored borders around them. Additionally, a new fragment would have opened up for all teams on their selection screens.

Quantum Computer FAQ

In the C-Team Force Quit fragment, what password should I enter, and why does Carlos seem to act crazy?

The password for the C-Team Force Quit fragment is VIVE HODIE, which is revealed in the Apocalypse fragment. As for Carlos’s unusual behavior, don’t worry—it will be explained later in the game.

What are the necessary codes to input in the Q-Team Force Quit fragment?

In the Q-Team Force Quit fragment, you’ll be asked to provide two codes. The quantum computer code, 3808-0832, comes from the Q fragment, and the helmet code is 6140-4091.

What passwords should I enter for the D-Team Force Quit fragment in Zero Time Dilemma?

During the D-Team Force Quit fragment, you’ll be prompted to input two passwords. These are BROOCH and MUSIC BOX, which originate from the Transporter fragment, at D-END:2.

What is the Quantum Computer Passcode?

The passcode that you will need to enter into the Quantum Computer in Zero Time Dilemma is 3808-0832

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