Zero Time Dilemma - Pod Room Walkthrough

Pod Room Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough guide for the “Pod Room” puzzle in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. This guide is specifically designed to help you navigate the complex rotation mechanics and intricate puzzles that have made this room exceptionally challenging for many players. Your successful escape from the “Pod Room” starts now.

Initial Exploration and Collecting Items

  1. Start by turning to your left and picking up QUEST FILE: NOTE (POD ROOM).
  2. Zoom in on the far end of the room, examining the glass case with the hammer. Complete the lock puzzles to unlock the case and take the hammer.

Room Rotation and Navigation

  1. Zoom back to the entrance, noting the four red circles on the floor and ceiling.
  2. Use the hammer once on the bottom left circle, tilting part of the room and exposing more red circles.
  3. Hammer once on the closest newly-exposed circle to slide out a block, and hammer the top left or bottom right circle to return the first part of the room to its original position.
  4. Hammer once on the second section’s exposed circle to slide out another block, and then again on either the top left or bottom right circle in the first section.
  5. Hammer the circle currently in the top left four more times to reveal two previously hidden cases.

Collecting the Driver Handle and Driver Tip

  1. Zoom in on the case containing the large object, undo the locks, and take the driver’s handle out of the case.
  2. Rotate the first room section by using the hammer seven times on the current top-left circle.
  3. Examine the backward ‘h’ shape on the left wall, collecting the driver tip.
  4. Combine the driver tip with the driver handle.

Unlocking the Dartboard Case and Solving the Puzzle

  1. Expose the dartboard case by using the hammer on the current top-left circle five times.
  2. Unlock the dartboard case, revealing QUEST FILE: ZERO DOLL PICTURE (POD ROOM).
  3. Equip the driver, use it on the cog, and solve the puzzle by manipulating the central number to zero by turning the dial left or right.

Aligning Green Lines and Obtaining the Shotgun

  1. Insert the driver into the new machine that appears by the room entrance.
  2. Align all green lines on the floor by using the driver machine to rotate the room (this can be achieved by pressing the right arrow twice, then left twice, then right once).
  3. Solve the two complicated puzzle locks on the revealed case to obtain a shotgun.

Escape the Pod Room

  1. Equip the shotgun and examine the red button behind the glass above the “POD” sign.
  2. Break the glass with the shotgun, and push the red button to unlock the Pod Room.

Pod Room FAQ

Sure, here are some potential questions and answers for complex problems users might experience when going through the “Pod Room” puzzle in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma:

How do I unlock the glass case with the hammer in the Pod Room?

You need to successfully complete the lock puzzles on the case. The goal is to get all pieces in the grey square. Once you’ve solved both puzzles, the case will open, and you can pick up the hammer.

How do I rotate the room in the Pod Room puzzle?

You can rotate the room by using the hammer on the red circles. The correct sequence and amount of hits will slide out blocks and tilt the room – revealing hidden cases. You’ll have to “wing it” with the room rotations, and don’t worry if you make a mistake, as it is easy to readjust.

I can’t find the driver handle in the Pod Room, where is it?

The driver handle is in one of the previously hidden cases you expose by hitting the red circles with the hammer. After exposing and unlocking the case, you should be able to find the driver handle inside.

How do I solve the cog puzzle in the Pod Room?

Depending on the current number, you will need to turn the dial left or right. Your goal is to make the central number zero. Red numbers increase the amount, and blue numbers decrease it. Repeat this for each ring.

How do I line up the green lines on the floor in the Pod Room?

You line up the green lines by correctly using the driver machine, which only affects the first part of the room. To adjust the remaining sections, use the blocks you previously slid out. The correct sequence should be: right twice, left twice, and right once.

What do I do with the shotgun in the Pod Room?

After obtaining the shotgun, use it to break the glass protecting the red button above the “POD” sign. Then press the now accessible red button.

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