Zero Time Dilemma - Biolab Walkthrough

Biolab Walkthrough

Welcome to our guide to navigating the Biolab room and resolving the specimen case puzzle in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. Whether you’re on a quest to find and assemble the necessary items within the Biolab room or decipher complex patterns in the specimen case puzzle, we’ve got you covered. The guide is structured in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, which ensures that players of all skill levels can swiftly navigate through these areas and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Step 1: Beginning the Search & Gathering Items

  1. Turn to the left and examine the sink to obtain a knife.
  2. Examine the shelves located on the left side of the sink; acquire Quest File: Centrifuge Manual (Biolab) from the middle shelf.

Step 2: Explore the Pig Pillow & Desk

  1. Equip the knife you previously obtained.
  2. Examine the pig pillow. The required items – Quest File: File on Fanatic Bio R (Biolab), a microscope lens, and a power cord – are collected automatically.
  3. Investigate the desk. Pick up the item Quest File: Research Notes (Biolab).
  4. Take a look at the DNA helix and get a piece of the DNA model.

Step 3: Microscope Manipulation & Centrifuge Cover

  1. Equip the previously collected microscope lens and add it to the microscope on the desk.
  2. Equip the DNA piece and use it on the machine next to the desk, which is a protective cover for the centrifuge.

Step 4: Examine the Clean Bench & Centrifuge Beakers

  1. Leave the vicinity of the centrifuge and head towards the clean bench. Here, pick up the two beakers, one with green liquid and the other filled with pink liquid.
  2. Return to the centrifuge and insert each beaker. You will receive four vials of liquid: blue, yellow, red, and white.

Step 5: Microscopic Examination & Locker Unlocking

  1. Examine each vial under the microscope and note down the number of clumped cells in each (White = 1, Blue = 2, Red = 3, Yellow = 5).
  2. Go to the locker on the left. Open the locker by pressing each color button corresponding to the cell clusters you’ve observed under the microscope. (Press once for white, twice for blue, three times for red, and five times for yellow).

Completing the Specimen Case Puzzle

The puzzle involves aligning the X-marks on the specimens within an 8×10 grid, ensuring no overlaps occur. The specimens can be moved by dragging and dropping them, and once positioned on the grid, they can be rotated by tapping.

To make the guide clearer, the grid will be referred to in numerical and alphabetical order. Each cell will be numbered 1 to 10 from left to right and A to H from top to bottom. For instance, cell A1 is the top-left cell, cell A2 is to the right of A1 on the same row, and cell B1 is directly under A1.

Seahorse Placement

  1. Align the X-mark on the seahorse with cell A1.
  2. This placement will occupy cells A1, B1, and the area from C1 to D2.

Snake Placement

  1. The X-mark on the snake should line up with cell D10.
  2. This will occupy cells from C4 to C8, D4 to D10, and E4 to E8.

Fish Placement

  1. Place the X-mark on the fish in line with cell A3.
  2. This will cover cells A2 to B6.

Frog Placement

  1. Align the X-mark on the frog with cell F4.
  2. The frog will occupy cells from E1 to E3, F1 to G4, and H1 to H4.

Lizard Placement

  1. Line up the X-mark on the largest L-shape, the lizard, with cell F9.
  2. The lizard will take up areas E9-E10, and F6-H10.

Shrimp & Bird Placement

  1. Arrange the smallest L-shape, the shrimp, so that its X is in line with cell F5.
  2. The shrimp will occupy cells F5, G5, and H4 to H5.
  3. Place the medium L-shape, the bird, so it lines up with B9.
  4. The bird will cover cells A7-B10 and C9-C10.

Place the Unknown Specimen

  1. The smallest shape, often compared to a question mark (?), should have its X aligned with cell C3.
  2. This will occupy cells C3-D3.

Step 6: Work with Capsules & Centrifuge

  1. Open the locker and complete the specimen case puzzle. After you finish it, you’ll find a set of capsules punched out to look like colored numbers (Yellow = 1, Pink = 2, Blue = 3, Orange/Red =5, and one without a number)
  2. Go to the device between the clean bench and the specimen display, which looks like a microwave. Insert the centrifuge cover.
  3. Collect a beaker of orange liquid from the centrifuge using the red and yellow vials.

Step 7: Examine the Analyzer & Mixer Specimens

  1. Plug the power cord into the machine next to the preserved pig.
  2. With your knife, open a new slot on this machine, bringing into view the analyzer.
  3. Add the orange, blue, and white liquid to the analyzer, in this order.
  4. Get the fetus specimen and read the monitor next to the analyzer. Note the color of each symbol (Yellow bird, Pink fish, White insect, Orange plant, Blue human).
  5. Go to the specimen shelf, add the fetus specimen to it, and put the specimens in the correct order as per monitor and capsule colors. The final order is a penguin, seahorse, human, butterfly, and root.

Step 8: Using the Scalpel & Pig Machine

  1. Examine the unhidden machine and the sink to move it.
  2. Peer into the drawer below the sink to find a scalpel.
  3. Activate the pig machine via the green light on the sink and get the pig.
  4. Use the scalpel to cut the pig open.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Biolab puzzle room in Zero Escape: Time Dilemma.

Zero Time Dilemma – Biolab Puzzle Room FAQ

How do I find all the necessary items in the Biolab room?

The crucial items needed are a knife found near the sink area, a microscope lens and power cord from the pig pillow, a DNA piece in the DNA helix, and vials containing colored liquids from the centrifuge. Examine the room thoroughly and search every possible area to find these items.

I’m stuck solving the microscope puzzle in the Biolab. What should I do?

First, ensure you have the microscope lens and have added it to the microscope on the desk. Place each colored vial found in the centrifuge under the microscope and take note of the number of clumped cells in each vial (White = 1, Blue =2, Red = 3, Yellow = 5). This information will help unlock the locker.

How do I unlock the locker in the Biolab room?

The locker can be opened by pressing colored buttons corresponding to the number of clumped cells observed under the microscope. Press each button the relevant number of times as per the cell clusters (White x1, Blue x2, Red x3, and Yellow x5).

How do I solve the specimen case puzzle in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma?

Align the X-marks on each specimen so that they fit within the 8×10 grid without overlaps. Drag, drop, and rotate the specimens accordingly to match up the X-marks (e.g., Seahorse: X at A1; Snake: X at D10; Fish: X at A3; Frog: X at F4, Lizard: X at F9, Shrimp: X at F5, Bird: X at B9, ?-shape: X at C3).

I’m having trouble positioning the specimens on the shelves. What’s the correct order?

After obtaining the fetus specimen and reading the monitor next to the analyzer, follow the color-based order: Yellowbird (penguin), Pink fish (seahorse), White insect (butterfly), Orange plant (root), and Blue human (human). Place the specimens on the shelf based on this order and you’ll successfully finish the task.

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