Virtue's Last Reward: White Door - Director's Office Escape Guide

White Door Directors Office

Welcome to the guide for White Door – Director’s Office from the game Virtue’s Last Reward. Here, we have dissected the game walkthrough into step-by-step instructions to help you on your quest for the Tenmyouji Ending.

Steps to Navigate Through Director’s Office

  1. To reach the Director’s Office, sequentially choose yellow, ally, blue, and ally. Make sure you’ve been through the laboratory else you’ll experience a “to be continued” screen. You can always return to complete it later.
  2. In the Director’s Office, locate the credenza- the unit with shelves and protective glass. A safe and a globe are on top of it.
  3. Acquire the globe and examine it to get a world map, which will be added to the archive.
  4. Find a bookcase with another safe to the left, secured with a puzzle like those found on the doors of the Pressure Exchange Chamber.
  5. Evaluate the world map in the archive to determine connections: white to cyan, yellow to purple, and green to magenta. Using these connections, unlock the safe.
  6. Inside the safe, you will find a binder with two business card puzzle instructions. Also, there is a deer ornament (Zero’s preferred decorative motif).
  7. Hang the deer on the mount above the bookcase to reveal a letter dyed in red paint.
  8. Don’t forget to pick up the tablet on the top shelf of the bookcase.
  9. Turn your focus to the desk with a business card holder. Ignore the computer for now.
  10. Using hints from the business card pages in the archive, arrange all the cards on the board in the right locations:
    • Bob
    • Ellen
    • Sophie
    • Ann
    • Chris
    • John
    • Tony
    • Lola
    • Ian
    • Carole
    • Michael
    • Kate
  11. Post arrangement, flip the card pages to reveal a code on the back of the card: BOOK 334.
  12. Move to the bookshelf and adjust the sets of books on the bottom to match the code ‘334’.
  13. Analyze the suit of armor for another written letter. Remove the slingshot from the left hand, and the spear from the right.
  14. Use the spear to unlock a drawer in the desk with the computer, revealing a key.
  15. Find a facial recognition device to the left of the desk. Use the key to activate the device.
  16. Borrow a picture of a girl from Tenmyouji to activate the facial recognition device, which reveals a moveable wall.
  17. Take the chair’s helmet, place it on the suit of armor, and sit on the chair.
  18. Use the slingshot to burst the balloon, revealing the letters “H”, “E”, and “L”.
  19. Use the lever next to the chair to access the hidden room. Pick up the battery and note down the letter “P”.
  20. Return to the main room, power up the tablet with the battery, and use HELP as the password. The tablet will display the escape password.
  21. Use the exit key on the lock by the exit door to leave.

Secret Files

  1. For the secret files, pick the expensive brandy on the right side of the credenza and the cheap brandy on the top shelf of the bookshelf.
  2. Place the expensive brandy on the bookshelf coaster and the cheap one on the coaster on the left part of the credenza to display a parallelogram, activating the screen in the lower-right part of the credenza.
  3. Adjust the pieces in the tangrams puzzle displayed on the screen to form a parallelogram.
  4. Successfully completing the puzzle reveals the code IILP. This is the password for the tablet which gives you access to the secret files. Enjoy!

And there you have it, a step-by-step guide for navigating the White Door – Director’s Office from Virtue’s Last Reward. Enjoy your journey to the intriguing Tenmyouji ending!

Director’s Office FAQ

How can I find the world map in the Directors Office?

Go to the director’s office. Locate the credenza, which houses a globe and a safe. Take the globe and examine it to find the world map added to your archive.

How to solve the Pressure Exchange Chamber puzzle in the Directors Office?

Refer to the map in your archive that will give you the color connections – white connects to cyan, yellow to purple, and green to magenta. From cyan, go counter-clockwise, in, then counter-clockwise, and into white. From green, go out, clockwise, out, and clockwise to magenta. From purple, go counter-clockwise, in, counter-clockwise, left four times, clockwise, out, and clockwise to yellow, this will open the safe.

How to arrange the business cards in the Directors Office?

Use the clues from the business card pages in your archive to place all the cards on the board in these order – Bob, Ellen, Sophie, Ann, Chris, John, Tony, Lola, Ian, Carole, Michael, and Kate.

How can I adjust the books to match the code “BOOK 334” on the bookshelf in The Directors’ Office?

Locate the bookshelf in the Director’s office. On the bottom, you will find sets of books. Swap the two sets on the right to match the code “334”.

How to obtain the key inside the desk drawer in the Directors Office?

Go to the desk with the computer on it. Use the spear (that you acquire from the suit of armor) to open the drawer which contains a key.

How to activate the facial recognition device in the Directors Office?

Using the key you found in the desk drawer, turn on the device. It is programmed to work with female faces. When Tenmyouji takes out a picture of a girl, it works and reveals a moveable wall.

How to power up the tablet in the Directors Office?

Collect the battery from the hidden room and use it to power up the tablet on the bookcase. Use HELP as your password and you will see the escape password shown on the screen.

How to solve the tangrams puzzle in the Directors Office?

After placing the brandies on the appropriate coasters, a tangrams puzzle appears on a screen. Adjust the puzzle pieces to form a parallelogram. The screen will display the code IILP upon completion, which you will use as the password for the tablet.

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