The Blue Door - B. Garden Escape Guide

The Blue Door - B. Garden Guide

Welcome to the B. Garden guide for Virtue’s Last Reward. In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary steps to successfully complete the B. Garden route. Please ensure you have reached the Dio ending and have gone through the laboratory as prerequisites, or you may encounter two “to be continued” screens impeding your progress.

Your partners for the B. Garden path are Luna and Alice. Make sure to choose the cyan door first and ally with Alice, as these choices will set you on this route.

The Blue Door – B. Garden Step By Step

Navigating B. Garden

  1. The garden is quite large and peaceful. You can tap on the bluish-white arrows (or examine them) to travel between different locations within the garden. Follow these steps to maneuver through different areas of B. Garden:
  1. Travel towards the waterfall in the corner.
  2. Collect the rod from the bench left of the waterfall.
  3. Investigate the button machine to the right of the waterfall and the small shack next to it.
  4. Obtain the shovel and the key from the shack.

Find the treasure chests

Next, you will locate and open several treasure chests that are hidden in the garden:

  1. Use the shovel on the mound of dirt near the stream to uncover a bronze chest.
  2. Unlock the bronze chest with the bronze key to obtain a third of a card.
  3. Head towards the window area, where you’ll find a small vegetable garden and a flower pot.
  4. Examine the sign here to learn the locations of all the treasure chests.
  5. Move the silver flower pot to find the silver key underneath.
  6. Travel to the small pool of water area. Here you will locate the gold treasure chest.
  7. Use the shovel on the skunk cabbage to uncover the gold treasure chest.
  8. Locate the set of scales drawer to the left of the bench and collect the metal piece and the gold key. Grab the knife from the scales as well.

Collect the cards and coins

  1. Unlock the gold treasure chest with the gold key to obtain another third of a card.
  2. Head to the tombstone area, located on the far side of the small pool, and collect the metal detector.
  3. Visit the vegetable garden and inspect the yellow bell pepper on the ground to find a coin.
  4. Use the metal detector on the vegetables to discover coins inside a tomato, onion, and cucumber.
  5. Use the knife to retrieve the three coins from the vegetables. You should now have four different colored and weighted coins.

Solve the puzzles

  1. Travel back to the waterfall area and use the appropriate button combination from the assembled card (left, right, right, left, middle, middle, right) on the button machine to turn off the waterfall.
  2. Place the four colored coins according to their weight (from left to right: red, white, yellow, green) in the slots revealed behind the waterfall. This unlocks a star screen.
  3. Combine the metal piece with the metal rod to create a handle, and use it on the indentation near the two doors to create an artificial night with star reflections on the river.
  4. Investigate the purple star and then use the handle again to transition back to the daytime.

Solve the star puzzle and exit

  1. Press the stars on the star puzzle (behind the waterfall) in the order they appear in the river (purple, blue, yellow, green, red). The screen will display the escape password.
  2. Use the escape password on the safe in this room to get the exit key, and use the exit key on the lock by the exit door to leave the area.

Obtain the secret files

  1. Notice that the stars in the puzzle are of different sizes. Arrange them in ascending order of size (red, blue, yellow, purple, green).
  2. The screen will provide you with the password for the secret files when you input them in the correct order.

After completing these steps, you will have successfully navigated the B. Garden route in Virtue’s Last Reward. Be prepared for the upcoming challenge where Sigma must decode a secret message. Good luck!

The Blue Door – B. Garden Guide FAQ

  1. Q: How do I get to the B. Garden in Virtue’s Last Reward? A: You start by choosing the cyan door and allying with Alice. Ensure you have completed the Dio ending and the laboratory.
  2. Q: How do I navigate through the B. Garden? A: Use the bluish-white arrows to navigate through the B. Garden. Collect necessary items like the rod, shovel, and key, and interact with interesting objects within the garden to progress.
  3. Q: Where do I find the bronze chest in B. Garden? A: Locate the mound of dirt near the stream, and use the shovel on it to uncover the bronze chest. You can open it with the bronze key.
  4. Q: How can I find all the treasure chests in the B. Garden? A: Examine the sign in the window area to learn about the treasure chests’ locations. Use the shovel to dig up the chests.
  5. Q: Where do I find all the coins in B. Garden? A: Use the metal detector in the vegetable garden. There are coins inside the yellow bell pepper, tomato, onion, and cucumber. Use the knife to extract the coins from the vegetables.
  6. Q: How do I solve the button machine puzzle at the waterfall? A: Assemble the card from the treasure chests and follow the button presses: left, right, right, left, middle, middle, right. This turns off the waterfall.
  7. Q: How do I use the colored coins in B. Garden? A: Arrange the coins by weight in the slots behind the waterfall. From left to right: red, white, yellow, green.
  8. Q: How to solve the star puzzle in B. Garden? A: After creating the artificial night using the metal piece and the rod, press the stars on the puzzle in this order: purple, blue, yellow, green, and red.
  9. Q: How do I exit the B. Garden? A: Use the exit password from the star puzzle to unlock the safe and get the exit key. Use this key on the lock by the exit door to leave.
  10. Q: How do I get the secret files in B. Garden? A: Arrange the stars in ascending order of size: red, blue, yellow, purple, and green. The screen will then reveal the password for the secret files.
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