Virtue's Last Reward: Red Door - Laboratory Escape Guide

Virtue's Last Reward: The Red Door

The Laboratory route in Virtue’s Last Reward leads toward the Quark ending. However, ensure you have achieved the Sigma ending first. Otherwise, you will encounter a “To be continued” screen. Once you have the Sigma ending, you can return to this point within the game and proceed toward the Quark ending. This guide offers help for navigating the Laboratory room.

The Red Door – Laboratory Step-By-Step Guide

Collect Initial Items

The room is equipped with numerous objects to collect. Start your search in the middle of the room:

Middle Table

On the right side:

  • Microscope
  • Can of seeds

On the left side:

  • Tray with binders
  • Two capsules for the Microscope
  • Additional seeds
  • Information about Hydroponics and Frog Dissecting

Corner Case

  • Seeds from the left brown container
  • Roots from the right blue container
  • Saline from the blue container
  • Lord Hoppington, the frog, from the blue container hidden behind

Right Alcove

  • Pipe puzzle
  • Blender
  • Can of seeds
  • Binder on DNA extraction

Now, move toward the left side of the room, which also contains two alcoves:

Left Alcove

  • Tray with a scalpel on top

Right Alcove

  • Additional seeds

Overall, you should accumulate eleven items and four archive files.

Having all the necessary items, it is time to work on solving several puzzles based on the Archive information.

The Frog (Blue Capsule)

  1. Following the dissecting a frog procedure, use the frog on the drain in the alcove to drain the Ethanol.
  2. Use the scalpel on the frog to obtain a blue capsule.
  3. Pick up the capsule and the drained Ethanol tank.

DNA Extraction (Green Capsule)

  1. Move to the blender in the right alcove.
  2. Following DNA extraction instructions, place the roots into the blender.
  3. Add the saline and the Ethanol to get a DNA solution.
  4. Use an empty capsule to collect the DNA solution.

Hydroponics (Red Capsule)

  1. Examine the alcove with pipes.
  2. Following the Hydroponics instructions, fill the jars to a specific ratio matching Water with the solution.
  3. Use the clues provided by the instructions to distribute the seeds and fetch the red capsule.

With all capsules in hand, you can now activate the microscope.

The Microscope (DNA Puzzle)

Insert the capsules into the microscope. This initiates a DNA puzzle. Follow these steps:

  1. Begin by matching C with G, and T with A along the three strands of DNA.
  2. Arrange the rows by sliding C T A C G A G A T G C T, C A C A T G G T G T A C, and C T G C T A left so they match up.
  3. Upon successful completion, the microscope reveals the escape password.

Use the escape password on the safe, get the exit key, and proceed toward unlocking the exit door.

Securing the Secret Files

To acquire the secret files, you will have to extract DNA from the seeds. Repeat the DNA extraction steps as above (blender, saline, and then the Ethanol tank), and collect the liquid in the remaining capsule. Insert this yellow capsule into the microscope to get the Archive file password.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully navigate the Laboratory route in Virtue’s Last Reward. Happy gaming and good luck with your journey towards the Quark ending!

The Red Door – Laboratory FAQ

Q: How do I get the blue capsule in Virtue’s Last Reward Laboratory route?

A: To get the blue capsule, use the frog on the drain in the alcove to drain the Ethanol, and then use the scalpel on the frog. The blue capsule will appear for you to collect.

Q: How can I extract DNA from roots and seeds in the Laboratory room?

A: To extract DNA, add the roots or seeds to the blender in the right alcove, then add saline and the drained Ethanol. A DNA solution will be produced. Collect it with an empty capsule.

Q: In the Laboratory route, how do I complete the Hydroponics puzzle to get the red capsule?

A: Follow the Hydroponics instructions to fill the jars with water based on fluid-to-water ratios. Use the clues provided in the instructions to distribute seeds accordingly. Once solved, you will receive the red capsule.

Q: How do I solve the DNA puzzle using the microscope in the Laboratory room?

A: Match the letters C with G, and T with A along the three DNA strands. Move the rows [CTACGAGATGCT], [CACATGGTGTA], and [CTGCTA] left to match their complementary strand. Completing the puzzle will reveal the escape password.

Q: How do I unlock the secret files in the Laboratory route?

A: After extracting DNA from the seeds with the blender, collect the liquid in the empty yellow capsule. Insert the capsule into the microscope, which will display the Archive file password.

Q: After completing puzzles, how do I leave the Laboratory room?

A: Use the escape password on the safe to get the exit key. Then, use this key on the lock by the exit door.

Q: How can I find all the items in the Laboratory in Virtue’s Last Reward?

A: Thoroughly search the right and left alcoves, middle table and corner case in the room. Be sure to check hidden spots behind containers on shelves and small trays.

Q: How do I combine items in the Laboratory to solve complex puzzles?

A: Refer to the Archives to understand various procedures such as frog dissection and DNA extraction. Follow these instructions step by step, incorporating relevant items as you solve each puzzle.

Q: I need help solving the pipe puzzle in the Laboratory room. Can you give me any tips?

A: Move all levers to point downwards and pull the switch to complete the puzzle. The key to achieving the correct water distribution lies in the Hydroponics instructions provided in the Archive files.

Q: How do I reach the Quark ending in Virtue’s Last Reward?

A: Ensure that you have completed the Sigma ending before attempting to reach the Quark ending. Successfully navigate the Laboratory route, solve complex puzzles, and continue through subsequent game events.

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