Virtue's Last Reward: Elevator Escape Guide

Virtue's Last Reward: Elevator Escape Guide

Welcome to the beginning of Virtue’s Last Reward! This guide will help you in your first challenge, the elevator escape. Let’s begin:

Sigma, the main character, gets kidnapped during Christmas and wakes up in an elevator with an unknown girl named Phi. They both have mysterious bracelets on their wrists. Zero III, a talking rabbit, appears on a monitor and informs Sigma and Phi that they need to solve puzzles to avoid a deadly fall.

Step-by-Step Elevator Guide

Examine the elevator control panel

  1. Rotate your view to examine the elevator control panel.
  2. Spot a memory card slot and various buttons.
  3. Observe the grate secured with four differently shaped and colored bolts.

Remove the handles from the railing

  1. Locate the button panels on the left and right railings.
  2. Zoom in on each handle and tap to remove them.
  3. The handles will be added to your inventory.

Retrieve the yellow pin

  1. Examine the fire extinguisher on the back wall and remove the yellow pin.
  2. Read the instructions on the fire extinguisher case and use the yellow pin as a key.
  3. Unlock and open the case, finding another case inside.
  4. Obtain four wrench tips from the new case.

Combine the wrench tips and handles

  1. Access the item screen to combine wrench tips with handles:
    • Triangle with the yellow wrench.
    • Square with the blue wrench.
    • Pentagon with the green wrench.
    • Hexagon with the red wrench.
  2. Use the wrenches on the bolts of the grate and open it.

Solve the minigame

  1. The objective is to move the green block from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner.
  2. To solve the puzzle, follow these steps: Move right, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, right, up, and right.
  3. Obtain the green memory card by completing the puzzle.

Examine the poster

  1. View the poster showing four babies and seven elderly persons.
  2. Interact with the rails that have images of a baby and an elderly person.
  3. Press the “4” button for the baby and “7” for the elderly person.
  4. This correct sequence will unlock the control panel at the front of the room.

Obtain memory cards

  1. Press “0” to get the blue memory card.
  2. Press “3” to obtain the red memory card.

Insert memories cards into the red machine

  1. Insert all memory cards into the slots next to the monitor.
  2. Examine the screen to receive the first password, then view it again for the second password.

Solve the safe combination

  1. Enter the two passwords into the safe to receive an exit key and files (if playing in hard mode).
  2. Use the exit key to unlock the elevator door and set Sigma and Phi free.

Elevator Escape Q&A

Here are some common questions you may have while solving the elevator escape puzzle, along with their answers.

  1. How do I move around in the elevator in Virtue’s Last Reward?

You can use either the L and R buttons or the touchscreen to spin around. You can tap on an item to examine it or use the control stick to move the cursor over an item, then press A to examine it.

  1. How can I remove the handles on the railing in the elevator in Virtue’s Last Reward?

You can zoom in on each handle, and then tap to remove it. The handles will be added to your inventory automatically.

  1. How can I retrieve the yellow pin from the fire extinguisher in the Elevator?

First, you need to zoom in on the fire extinguisher, then take the yellow pin that’s sticking out from the top.

  1. What do I do after getting the wrench tips from the fire extinguisher case in the Elevator?

You must combine the four wrench tips with the four wrench handles in your inventory. Make sure you match them based on the color and shape: the triangle with the yellow wrench, the square with the blue wrench, the pentagon with the green wrench, and the hexagon with the red wrench.

  1. How do I solve the grate minigame in The Elevator?

The objective of the minigame inside the grate is to navigate the green block from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner. The trick of this puzzle is that the green block moves the pink blocks. There’s a strict sequence to follow: Move right, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, right, up, and right.

  1. What do the numbers and images on the poster in the elevator in Virtue’s Last Reward mean?

The poster features four babies and seven old people. These numbers correspond to the buttons you need to press on the two rails: “4” for the baby and “7” for the old person.

  1. How do I use the memory cards in the Elevator?

Find the red machine against the back wall of the elevator. Insert all three memory cards (green, blue, and red) into the slots next to the monitor screen. The screen will then display two passwords.

  1. How do I use the passwords from the monitor in the Elevator?

The two passwords from the memory card machine must be entered into the safe at the bottom of the machine. One password gives you the exit key, while the other gives you files (if you play on hard mode).

  1. How do I unlock the elevator door in Virtue’s Last Reward?

After obtaining the exit key from the safe, you can view the elevator’s control panel and use the key on the lock, then open the panel and push the button. This will unlock the elevator door and allow Sigma and Phi to exit.

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