Virtue's Last Reward: Blue Door - Rec Room Escape Guide

Virtue's Last Reward: Blue Door

Welcome to the Rec Room, an intriguing and mysterious part of your adventure in the blue door pathway. This room presents several complex puzzles and challenges that require critical thinking, creativity, and attention to detail. As you make your way through this space, you will encounter an array of objects, mechanisms, and hidden surprises that will guide you toward the K Ending. This guide is designed to help you understand and unlock the puzzles within the Rec Room.

Blue Door – Rec Room Step-By-Step Guide

Examining the Statues and Obtaining Items

  1. Begin by examining the statues against the back wall and the machine in front of them.
  2. Press the circular button on the machine to make one statue hit the other statue’s shield with a lance.
  3. Examine the shield to find something inside but note that you can’t access it yet.
  4. Examine the statue again to obtain its axe.
  5. Use the axe on the statue holding the lance, and press the circular button on the machine.
  6. The statue will then hit the shield with the axe, opening it so you can procure the Allen wrench within.
  7. Grab the pool cue held by the leftmost statue.
  8. Combine the Allen wrench and pool cue to create a key.

Collecting Sun-shaped Coins

  1. Use your newly created key on the coin machine near the mechanical rabbit resembling Zero III.
  2. Obtain sun-shaped coins from the machine.
  3. Insert a coin into the slot designed like a lion’s mouth. K will ride the machine and get a free picture.
  4. Notice the codes “Z9” and “D1” on the back of the picture.

Acquiring Gold Records and Dart Tips

  1. Pick up the extension cord left of the Zero III machine and attach it to the jukebox in another corner of the room.
  2. Insert a coin into the jukebox’s top slot and select songs Z9 and D1 to receive two gold records.
  3. Hang the gold records in the left and right record holders on the wall adjacent to the jukebox.
  4. Open the middle record holder and acquire a box of darts without tips.

Playing Billiards to Get Dart Tips

  1. Take the uncoloured billiard balls from the mini-fridge.
  2. Open the fridge and collect the patch of felt and a bottle of luminol.
  3. Apply the patch of felt and luminol to the billiards table before turning off the lights using the switch by the exit door.
  4. Observe the letters C, A, F, D, B, and E appearing on the table.
  5. Turn the lights back on and use the uncoloured billiard balls on the table to initiate a puzzle.
  6. Match the billiards balls with their corresponding letters (A = 4, B = 1, C = 13, D = 2, E = 6, F = 9).
  7. Following the alphabetical order, drop the balls into the pockets. This will provide you with dart tips in the ball return area.
  8. Combine the dart tips with the dart box to create darts.

Playing Darts and Obtaining the Escape Password

  1. Head to the dart machine and follow the dart case’s instructions to score a total of 91.
  2. Hit the green twenty, blue eleven, and red six to obtain the escape password shown on the screen.

Unlocking the Exit Door

  1. Use the escape password on the safe in the room to acquire the exit key.
  2. Insert the exit key into the lock by the door to leave the Rec Room.

Accessing the Secret Files

  1. Follow the instructions on the outside of the dart case to score another set of 91 points (green = 8, blue = 11, red = 17).
  2. The screen will display the password for the secret files.

Blue Door – Rec Room Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions users are likely to have when working their way through the Rec Room in the blue door pathway.

  1. “How do I access the items in the shield statue?”To access the items, you need to examine the statue twice to get its axe. Use this axe on the statue holding the lance and push the circular button on the machine. The statue will hit the shield with the axe, opening it up. Now you can retrieve the Allen wrench inside it.
  2. “What should I do with the sun-shaped coins?”The sun-shaped coins retrieved from the coin machine should be inserted into the lion’s mouth-shaped coin slot. Doing this will let K ride the machine and yield a free picture with the codes “Z9” and “D1” on the back.
  3. “How do I get the dart tips?”Dart tips can be obtained by dropping the billiard balls into the table’s pockets in alphabetical order. A successful attempt will lead to the release of dart tips in the ball return area. You can then combine these tips with the box of darts.
  4. “How do I get the gold records from the jukebox?”First, plug in the jukebox using the extension cord you found next to the Zero III machine. Next, insert a coin into the jukebox and select songs Z9 and D1. This will give you two gold records that you can place in the record holders on the wall.
  5. “How do I score 91 in the darts game?”To score 91, you need to hit the green twenty, blue eleven, and red six according to the instructions on the dart case.
  6. “How do I unlock the exit door?”You will need to use the escape password that you obtained from the darts game to unlock the safe. The exit key will be inside the safe, which you can use to unlock the exit door.
  7. “How do I access the secret files?”The password for the secret files is achieved by scoring another 91 on the dart machine. This can be done by hitting the green eight, the blue eleven, and the red seventeen according to the dart case.
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