Vice City Hidden Package Location Guide

There are 100 hidden packages to collect throughout Vice City. Generally, they are quite easy to find, but some of them can be quite tricky. This guide will show you where to find all 100 hidden packages in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

You will get a reward for every 10 hidden packages that you collect. 10-70 will unlock weapons which can be collected from your main safe houses on each island. 80 can only be found at the back of the Vercetti mansion and 90-100 spawn at the military base.

10 Packages: Body Armour
20 Packages: Chainsaw
30 Packages: Colt Python .357
40 Packages: Flamerthrower
50 Packages: PSG-1
60 Packages: Minigun
70 Packages: Rocket Launcher
80 Packages: Sea Sparrow (spawns at the back of Vercetti Mansion)
90 Packages: Rhino Tank (Spawns at military base)
100 Packages: Apache Helicopter (Spawns at military base)

Vice City Hidden Package Map

This video will show you the location of all 100 vice city hidden packages. Below is a map and checklist that you can use to mark off the hidden packages you have collected already.

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